The Left over Familia….

 The Left over Familia.... By Dr Sarin Avni : 
As the trend of shifting abroad is still going on among youths of the nation especially the region of Punjab. The left behind family members especially the parents are made to wait years long in the hope to meet their daughter or son once. This is well understood why the Indian youth wanted to shift abroad in the search of better lifestyles attain dollars to make their living better…. but why in the progress of that our parents who have been supportive to us in getting our dream fulfilled made to live in oldage homes?? The struggles done over years in abroad by the youth well understandable to achieve what they wanted to but the struggle which parents does behind are not recognised and not considered.
Making the old age homes as like a five star hotel even will never be satisfying for them as much as the presence of them with their own family members. We as youth should’nt make the parents feel like savage after achieving our own dreams rather make them the part of that happiness.

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