PSPCL manipulated power supply data to show improved performance

PSPCL manipulated power supply data to show improved performance

PATIALA,JULY 13,2019 : Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL ) has been  manipulating  data of  metered power supply across the state  since 2014-15  by showing consumption in Kilo Volt ampere hour (KVAh) instead of Kilo watt hour (KWh) .This manipulated  data  of metered power supply  was used  to  show its  overall improved performance   by  reducing the transmission and distribution (T&D) losses on paper only for getting good annual  rating from Ministry of Power.

This has been pointed out by the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC) in its tariff order for 2019-20. PSERC observed that for the year 2017-18 that the total metered sale figures submitted by PSPCL in its Annual Requirement of Revenue (ARR) did not match with the revenue shown in the audited accounts.

PSPCL is likely to supply 50150 Million Units (MU) power in Punjab during 2019-20. Out of this around 75% power (37420 MU) is metered supply.  Further out of 37420 MU metered power supply, 40% power is consumed by domestic and commercial consumers is measured in kWh units while the remaining 60% power is measured in KVAh units.  This implies that out of 50150 MU, 45% power supplied by PSPCL is measured in KVAh.

This  was admitted by PSPCL that the 45% power metered as KVAh was shown as power supplied in kWh. Thus at an average power factor of 0.95, PSPCL has agreed that KVAh reading is on an average is 5% higher than KWh reading. By showing power supplied in KVAh units as equal to power supplied in KWh units, the aggregate transmission and commercial (AT&C) losses can be reduced on paper by 2.25%.

PSPCL’s claim for supplying metered power has been reduced by 1053 MU during 2017-18 true up resulting into a cut of Rs.450 crore. On a similar pattern, the claim of PSPCL for supply of metered power has been reduced by PSERC from 37,073 MU to 35,567MU during 2018-19 and from 39,242 MU to 37,422 MU during 2019-20. This totals to a cut of 3326 MU equivalent to Rs. 1424 crore during 2018-20 and an overall cut of Rs.1874 crore during 2017-20 period equivalent to about 38 paise per unit.

If the figures were not manipulated the tariff rise for the current financial year would have been 38 paise per unit instead of 8 paise per unit for all categories of consumers.(Courtesy:www.punjabnewsexpress.xcom):

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