Agriculture Deptt. issues advisary against Yellow Rust

Agriculture Deptt. issues advisary against Yellow Rust
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Jalandhar, January 14, 2020:  The Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Department has issued an advisory for the wheat farmers against the Yellow Rust disease in the crop and also exhorted the farmers to avoid unnecessary use of the area.

Chief Agriculture Officer Dr. Nazar Singh said that yellow rust is a disease that causes losses in crop yield and the disease appears as yellow-colored, powdery linear stripes on the leaves.

He said that the farmers must visit and monitor their wheat fields daily and in case they find symptoms of yellowing on wheat leaves, they must spray their wheat crop with 200 ml per acre Propiconazole.

He told the present weather conditions including temperature and winds are favorable for yellow rust disease.

He told that farmers to keep a close vigil on the fields and if symptoms appeared; only spray should be done without any delay.

Further, Singh appealed the farmers to not to use urea on the crop as the crop does not need urea after the 55 days of the cultivation as it would reduce their cost of cultivation.

He also stated that the district has around 1.70 lakh hectares area under wheat cultivation.

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