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Alphabets A, B, C, D, E forms the great importance in achieving our healthy body

Alphabets A, B, C, D, E forms the great importance in achieving our healthy body as they being the major important vitamins. All the vitamins can be consumed from the dietary sources , however Vitamin D is the only one whose most important source is SUN and its consumption in today’s lifestyle has been decreased. 
The Letter D is the only product which is produced in the body when body is exposed to sunlight. Since the exposure to sunlight has been decreased with the changing lifestyle and spending time indoor has been increased the most of the people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency.  Not only just the elderly but the young childern are not saved from this, infact this deficiency is rather increasing among kids and youngsters.
D being an important source without which consumption of Calcium in the body is also hindered thus lowering the bones density and increasing osteoporosis (weak bones).
Getting more indulged with the smart phones, smart technologies and making smart lifestyles we have started bounding ourselves to get enclosed in our indoors. Our daily exposure to sunlight of  required amount has been decreased to nil. 
Females undergoing MENOPAUSE suffer from low ESTROGEN level thus decreasing the activity of enzymes responsible for the vitamin D activation, causing irritability, mood swings types major symptoms of the deficiency. 
Few other things that further lower the production of vitamin D is increased weight or obesity. People having body mass more than 30 have low blood vitamin d level as its release in circulation has been decreased. Similarly as you age Kidney’s functioning lowers, which lowers the converting vitamin D to its active form, moreover as the DIABETES is increasing in the present generation the kidney being an important organ which is being affected due to neuropathy.
An induvidual with Vitamin D deficiency shows signs of body fatigue, irritaion, mood swings, lethargy, bone & joint pains and osteoporosis, RICKETS among children etc.
So, we must regularly get ourselves checked for the levels of vitamin D and must consume it in adequate amount by opting more of outdoor activities in our daily lifestyle to get sunlight exposure. 
Apart from that few amount of vit D can be consumed from salmon fish, egg yolk, mushrooms, cod liver fish oil in our dietary consumption.