Apeejay College of Fine Arts celebrates  ‘World Physiotherapy Day’

By Madhur Vyas:

Jalandhar, September 19, 2019: Teachers and students of the department of Physiotherapy of Apeejay College of Fine Arts celebrated The World Physiotherapy Day at Pingla Ghar Jalandhar with physically challenged Children and other inmates. Dr. Neeraj and Dr. Nikita informed that the students not only distributed sweets, fruits, pens, notebooks and clothes to the children but also guided them to do some self physiotherapy exercises so that they can themselves improve their health.

Madam Principal, Dr. Sucharita appreciating the kind gesture of the department, expressed that where on one hand such noble gestures instill a positive hope in the minds of these otherwise physically able children, on the other hand such efforts provide a chance for our students to realize their social responsibility. It may in turn help them for the overall development of their personality.