Apeejay College of Fine Arts invites alumnus Nitin Chauhan


Apeejay College of Fine Arts invites alumnus Nitin Chauhan

Jalandhar, June 6, 2020: The Department of Applied Art of Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar invited their alumnus Nitin Chauhan who is the brand ambassador of Raymond, Leading Model, Actor and Artist to speak over his the marvellous journey from Batala, his home town to Mumbai, the city of dreams. His journey can truly be labelled as Passion to Profession.

Principal Dr. Sucharita Sharma warmly welcomed him and expressed her pleasure to have him amongst them. She said in spite of touching the heights of success and living a dream life, he did not let go his values and is humble enough to stay in touch with his alma mater and his teachers and this truly reflects his actual personality. She added hearing about his journey, he will definitely inspire the young students and they too can get the motivation to follow their dreams.

Student of the Department of Applied Art, he shared with the young students how he ended up in the Modelling industry. He added that the annual feature of Apeejay College i.e. Lavanya- a Fashion Show has definitely given him the edge to his confidence levels as he regularly participated in it. He would feel immense pleasure when people or students around him will ask him if he is a model. All this put this idea in his mind that maybe he can give a shot at this and so after the completion of degree when the work in the Applied Art did not interest him much; he went ahead with his passion for Modelling and today after consistent hard work and dedication, he realized his dream becoming the Brand Ambassador of Raymond and getting roles in films as well.

He shared with the elite gathering that his ideal has been his mother who has always supported him for his choices and he shared with the students that when you live your profession, it becomes your passion and not a necessity. Talking of diet, he shared that eat whatever you want to but make sure you do some kind of exercise and work out on a regular basis.

Talking of his time during the Lockdown period, he shared that he has learned to manage all the household things and spends time with nature and observe birds around.

Principal Dr. Sucharita Sharma congratulated Anil Gupta, Head of Department of Applied Art and his entire team who contributed to make this webinar, a successful event.

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