Arora inaugurates State’s first ‘Sanjhi Bagichi’ in Hoshiarpur, distributes 9800 saplings

Arora inaugurates State's first 'Sanjhi Bagichi' in Hoshiarpur, distributes 9800 saplings

Arora inaugurates State's first 'Sanjhi Bagichi' in Hoshiarpur, distributes 9800 saplings

Move aimed at making environment clean, green and pollution free: Arora

To commemorate the 550th Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Nanak Devi Ji, State to set up 175 ‘Nanak Bagichia ’

Hoshiarpur, July 22, 2019: In order to enhance the green cover besides protecting air, water, biodiversity, and forests and to check the environmental pollution, Industries and Commerce Minister Mr. Sunder Sham Arora inaugurated state’s first ‘Sanjhi Bagichi’ in the Hoshiarpur. On the occasion, Deputy Commissioner Ms. Isha Kalia and SSP Mr. Gaurav Garg were also present.

Addressing the gathering, the cabinet minister said that anyone can get the sapling free of cost from ‘Sanjhi Bagichi’ and exhorted the people to not only plant the sapling but also ensure proper upkeep of the saplings. He disclosed that a team of ten persons will remain stationed in the ‘Sanjhi Bagichi’ which will distribute the saplings among the public.

Mr. Arora said that this move is aimed to make clean and green Hoshiarpur and on the first day, a total of 9800 saplings were distributed among the public. He said that the state government is also setting up 175 ‘Nanak Bagichia’ in 22 districts of Punjab dedicated to 550th Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. A total of 550 saplings will be planted in each ‘Nanak Bagichi’. The minister said that the Japanese technique is being adopted for the plantation in Nanak Bagichia which ensures 30 times denser growth of plants and hence better carbon-dioxide absorption.

He said that ‘Nanak Bagichia’ would be in fact a milestone in reducing greenhouse gases and making the environment healthy. He said that Nanak Bagichia would be a real tribute to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji who was a nature lover and laid the foundation of protecting air, water, biodiversity and forests through his teachings.He exhorted the people to plant saplings and called that it is the bounden duty of everybody to make stupendous efforts for protecting the environment and giving a better future to the next generations by planting saplings.
The minister further said that for the proper upkeep of the saplings, ‘Van Mitra’ would be appointed in the villages who will ensure the growth of saplings. Further, he added that the Punjab Government has been giving 50-percent financial assistance for planting trees in the fields.

Deputy Commissioner Ms. Isha Kalia said that the plantation of 550 saplings in each village would prove pivotal in enhancing the shrinking green cover in the district. She added that trees play a crucial role by conserving natural resources and improving the environment.
The district has 1405 villages and a total of 7,72,750 saplings will be planted to mark 550th Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.