Battery Swapping Facility Quick Interchange Service inaugurated in Chandigarh

Battery Swapping Facility Quick Interchange Service inaugurated in Chandigarh

CHANDIGARH-V P Singh Badnore, Governor of Punjab-cum-Administrator, UT, Chandigarh, along with the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Steel Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurated Battery Swapping FacilityQuick Interchange Service (QIS) at Chandigarh on Friday.

Battery swapping technology offers the best alternative to slow charging and helps the drivers to make optimum use of the operational hours. It is initially targeted at the commercial segment, i.e., electric autos, rickshaws and electric 2W also and the electric vehicle which is either factory fitted or retrofitted. Indian Oil has signed a non- binding Strategic cooperation document with M/s Sun Mobility to explore setting up of Energy infrastructure for Electric vehicle through the Battery Swapping model across Indian Oil Retail outlets in selected cities.

Indian Oil intends running a Pilot and offering SMPLs (Smart Mobility Proprietary Solutions) to support and service vehicles comprising of e-rickshaws, e-karts and e-bikes, and e-auto rickshaws up to 20 to 25 quick interchange stations in selected cities across India. Sun Mobility Pte Ltd. has plans to install 20 QIS across major towns covering New Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Amritsar, others.

The Pilot ROs – QIS has 14 Batteries, a touch screen for swapping preloaded cards and an electricity sub-meter. These QIS will play a pivotal role in providing an alternative energy solution to the 3-wheeler segment and boosting India’s economic growth. Rightly the initiative may bring a reform in the energy sector moving towards carbon-neutral culture.

Speaking on the occasion, Pradhan said, “I am happy that Indian Oil and Sun Mobility have collaborated to establish this facility as a pilot in the modern & beautiful city of Chandigarh.”Calling for scaling up of EV ecosystem, he said, “We must leverage modern technology to enable electric mobility to scale up in India and make it more affordable.” This initiative is also a step in the right direction towards contributing to the Hon. Prime Minister’s vision of an Aatmanirbhar Bharat, he further added.

Talking about India’s commitment to clean energy, he said, “India, despite not being a major per capita polluter, has committed itself in the COP-21 to bring down the pollution levels in the country. In this direction, we are developing sustainable models of renewable energy, and taken many initiatives like the introduction of BS-VI fuels, spreading the network of CNG and PNG stations, making available LPG to the majority of the population, targeting 20% ethanol blending, producing Biodiesel from Used Cooking Oil, and widespread use of solar energy for mobility purposes.”

Lauding the initiative of the Indian Oil for the battery swapping service at one of the cleanest cities of the country, the Minister said that the OMCs, in future, will not confine themselves to selling conventional fossil fuels, but also retail CNG, LNG, PNG and also act as the electric charging stations.

V P Singh Badnore said that the development has to take care of the environmental concerns as well as the economic needs of the society. It would reduce emissions, check air and noise pollution, and will help in preventing climate changes. He called upon all the stakeholders to adopt and promote electric mobility, and make the city a cleaner and better place. He also placed on record appreciation for the initiatives of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for strengthening the gas infrastructure (CNG, LPG, PNG). He also complimented the Indian Oil for its efforts during the Corona pandemic, by maintaining the supplies running during the period and also helping the migrant workers.

By YS.Rana;

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