Bring positivity through creativity to deal with COVID 19.

Bring positivity through creativity to deal with COVID 19.



CHANDIGARH–The outbreak of the COVID-19 disease has posed great challenges to people’s daily lives and will have far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease. At the same time, the crisis is also a strong driver of bringing positivity through creativity and innovation. Indeed, if examined closely, one can already observe abundant creativity and innovation emerging at the national, institutional, organizational, and individual levels within the countries affected by COVID-19.

During this time of extreme gloom and depression, a team of Sudhansu Gautam and Bikram Rana who are toiling day and night to contain COVID 19 in the hot spot of Chandigarh Bapu Dham Colony provided a platform to the children of the colony to showcase their inner minds.

People working there are surprised by the creativity presented by the children for the past more than 15 days. They are giving messages of positivity and ray of hope using brush and colors. Within a few days of the idea seems to click. Children are associated with the team and giving e3xpression to their thoughts during the times of gloom through innovations, paintings of innovative minds. Their drawings and messages are replacing dejection with hope and message on how to cope with the pandemic, said Sudhansu Gautam, SDM (E) who is at the forefront in the colony from day one.

Children have also drawn and coloured beautiful messages exclusively for the police personnel. These messages and drawings are shared on many platforms.  However, taking time to respond creatively may be a luxury that is not available or advisable when a crisis emerges like what we are now facing. Interestingly, the current COVID-19 crisis has suggested that it may not always be the case that time is needed to develop a creative and innovative response, and creativity can nevertheless thrive under these conditions.

Gautam said that the purpose of this idea “positivity through creativity” was to assess the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on creativity and innovation and vice versa – that is, the role of creativity and innovation in the fight against COVID-19, as well as their relationship to resilience and coping. All their drawings and paintings depict their inner mind under crisis situations, with a specific focus on understanding what is currently occurring with regard to the changes in society, our daily routines, and work-life in response to COVID-19. “We encourage the idea that examines not only the determining factors of creativity and innovation in crisis (e. g. personal, situational, or environmental factors), but also the specific outcomes of creativity and innovation on personal, organizational, and social well-being,” said  Rana.

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