Cantonment Board up in arms to fight with Coronavirus, takes number of steps


Cantonment Board up in arms to fight with Coronavirus, takes number of steps Jalandhar, March 26, 2020: The Cantonment Board Jalandhar has taken a number of steps for the prevention of COVID-19 before the imposition of lockdown and subsequent announcement of Curfew from 23.3.2020, said Jyoti Kumar, CEO, Jalandhar Cantonment Board.

The following steps have been taken by the Jalandhar Cantonment Board for prevention of COVID-19
A. Steps were taken before the Imposition of Lockdown and subsequent Curfew from 23.03.2020.
1. Extensive door to door awareness campaign in association with the District health authorities.
2. Issued directions to all the clinics and health practitioners including AYUSH practitioners to report any suspected case immediately to the authorities.
3. Issued directions to close all the eateries and street vendors of eatables etc.
4. Closed all the Public Parks for the general public until further orders.
5. Pamphlets have been distributed in the Cantt area to make public aware of COVID 19.
6. Instructions of Dos and Donts is announced in the Cantt Area daily through recorded Audio.
7. Banners have been placed in Cantt Area for spreading awareness.
8. Masks have been distributed to all the staff of the Cantt Board including sanitation staff. Extra soap has also been distributed to the sanitary staff. Sanitizers have been given to all the hospital and office staff.
9. Entry to the office complex was restricted. Staff placed at the entry gate with sanitizer. Dak section has been located at the gate to receive the Dak at the entry point only.
10. Elected ward councilors have been sensitized and Letters have been issued to all the elected members to make people aware and report any case in their ward to the authorities immediately. Also to sensitize the religious institutions to avoid gathering.
B. Steps were taken after the Imposition of Lockdown and Curfew from 23.03.2020.
1. The first round of Sanitisation of the whole Cantt area with hypochlorite Solution completed.
2. The provision of home delivery of Grocery items and milk has been ensured in association with the district authorities in the Cantt Area.
3. For door to door provision of vegetables and fruits, passes from the district mandi officer is being made available to the vendors of the Cantt Area as per the directions of the Dist Administration.
4. Medical and other essential services are being provided by the Board. The hospital is maintaining a list of OPD patients suffering from flu and is in constant touch with such patients on phone to enquire about their condition.

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