CM Arvind Kejriwal inaugurates 500-bedded COVID Care Centre at Commonwealth Game Stadium

CM Arvind Kejriwal inaugurates 500-bedded COVID Care Centre at Commonwealth Game Stadium
New Delhi:  July 9, 2020: CM Arvind Kejriwal inaugurated a 500-bedded COVID Care Centre at the Commonwealth Game Stadium in East Delhi set-up by the Delhi government in 6 days. In a bid to enhance Delhi’s medical infrastructure to fight Coronavirus, the 500-bedded COVID care centre has become operational today and has been attached to the LNJP Hospital of the Delhi government. A team of 80 doctors and 150 nurses has been stationed here by the NGO ‘Doctors For You’ for the treatment of Corona patients. CM  Arvind Kejriwal inaugurated the center on Wednesday through video-conferencing in the presence of Hon’ble LG of Delhi, Shri Anil Baijal, Dy CM Manish Sisodia, and East district administration team.
CM Arvind Kejriwal inaugurated the 500-bedded COVID Care facility today through video conferencing, in the presence of Hon’ble Lt Governor Anil Baijal and Dy CM Manish Sisodia. CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “I am very happy to be inaugurating and dedicating this 500-bedded COVID facility to the people of Delhi. I am happier that the facility was built in just 6 days with the efforts of the district administration. This has been attached to the LNJP Hospital, and so as LNJP earlier had 2000 beds, 100 beds were added through Shehnai Banquet and 500 beds have been added through this facility, which makes it a total of 2600 beds in LNJP. We lifted the lockdown on June 1, and during the lockdown, the level of Covid management in Delhi was remarkable. We had anticipated a surge in the number of COVID cases after the lifting of the lockdown, but this surge was unexpected. All our preparations that we did during the lockdown fell short after we lifted the lockdown. Now, the situation in Delhi is under control. The parameters in Delhi are better now. There is no shortage of beds in Delhi as of now, but it does not mean that we do not take steps to tackle the surge. We have to learn from our past experiences and prepare for the future so that if there is a spike in Corona cases, there should be no shortage of medical facilities. There has been a massive expansion of COVID infrastructure in Delhi in terms of beds and other facilities, be it COVID centres or COVID hospitals. I want to congratulate and appreciate the East district administration for setting up this COVID care facility in such a short span of time. I visited the center and very good arrangements have been made there, especially the lodging spaces for doctors and nurses.”
Dy CM Manish Sisodia said, “The Delhi Govt is ensuring that medical infrastructure is improved in Delhi for the treatment of Corona patients. We are working collectively with the help of the district administration. We have also deployed medical professionals here and residential quarters have also been constructed here for their stay. I want to congratulate the district administration team, the health department team, and the NGO ‘Doctors For You’ for setting up this facility in just 6 days. We are beginning the operations of the facility today. If the condition of a patient gets serious, he/she will be transferred from the general ward to the HDU, and if no improvement is noticed, he/she will be taken to LNJP hospital.”
The newly setup COVID care centre is well-equipped with CCTV cameras, arrangements for food for up to 700 people, ambulance arrangements for LNJP hospital, availability of specialists and doctors for proper care of the patients, mental health care counsellors, and leisure activities such as books or board games.
This COVID Care Centre has been established in record 6 days by District Disaster Management Authority ( DDMA East Delhi) along with Doctors For You (Volunteer group of Doctors NGO) and is equipped with separate beds for men and women. Out of the 500 total beds, 350 beds have been reserved for men and 100 beds have been reserved for women. The remaining 50 beds have been reserved for patients with critical conditions, and have attached oxygen supply with them. A team of 80 doctors and 150 nurses has been stationed here by the NGO ‘Doctors For You’ for the treatment of Corona patients.
Dy CM Manish Sisodia visited the newly set up facility to review its preparedness and met the team of doctors and nurses stationed at the facility. “Delhi government’s 500-bedded COVID hospital in East Delhi has been completed in just 6 days. Patients will start coming here from tomorrow. 80 doctors and 150 nurses have been deployed on behalf of Doctors for You. Special congratulations to the team of East Delhi District administration.
. #DelhiFightsCorona,” his tweet read.
Following his visit to the center on July 7, Dy CM Manish Sisodia said, “The COVID Care Centre has been set-up with an adequate number of beds. We will try to stabilize the patients here itself, but if the situation gets critical, he/she will be transferred to the LNJP hospital. But this center has been set-up in a record-breaking span of 6 days, I want to thank and appreciate the district administration for this. The Doctors For Your organization has come forward to volunteer for running the center. The aim of a collective fight against Corona by our Hon’ble Chief Minister has been fulfilled here with the support of Doctors For You, district administration, and the medical team of the district. We want the stability in
the Corona cases to continue and the Delhi government is working hard to tackle the rising cases.”
By Lipakshi Seedhar:

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