CM Arvind Kejriwal’s statement in the Delhi Assembly

CM Arvind Kejriwal's statement in the Delhi Assembly
New Delhi February 26, 2020 : LG of Delhi, Anil Baijal, has beautifully put across the picture of an advanced and developed Delhi in front of the entire nation. For the last three days, Delhi has been covered worldwide for mainly two reasons.
The first is regarding the Delhi government schools, the Happiness Curriculum practiced in the schools. The First Lady of the US, wife of US President Donald Trump,  Melania Trump visited a Delhi government school, and I believe it has happened for the first time in the last 70 years.
I do not think that the partners of Presidents and Prime Ministers of any nation have ever paid a visit to any government school in our country. After attending the Happiness Class, Mrs. Trump said that this Happiness class must be replicated not only across India and the US but in all the educational institutions worldwide. This is a moment of pride for our country.
The second news, however, was when Donald Trump was in India, the capital city of Delhi was burning. There was news of riots, hatred and divide in Delhi. Pictures of people’s houses, shops, entire markets in ruins were circulated by the international media. This is a sensitive issue. We have to decide on the pictures that we want to present to the world.
A head constable of the Delhi Police,  Ratan Lal, was martyred in the violence. He was not martyred because he was saving the life of a Hindu or a Muslim, but because he was saving his nation. He sacrificed his life and any life is precious.
On the behalf of the Delhi Assembly, the Delhi government, and the people of Delhi, I want to assure the family of martyr Ratan Lal, that we would not let the martyrdom of your son go in vain. I want to assure his family on behalf of the assembly, that your whole life is our responsibility now. Do not worry. All the parties will take care of you.
It has come to my notice that the Central government will provide a compensation of Rs 1 crore to the family of martyr Ratan Lal. The Delhi government will also provide an ex-gratia of Rs 1 crore to his family and a government job to one of his family members.
I want to ask again, who is behind these brutal acts of violence in Delhi? The people of Delhi do not want violence. They want to lead of life filled with peace, love, and unity. They are living in unity for ages. We want to earn and provide a comfortable life for our families, we want to create a bright future for our children.
All of this has not been done by the ‘aam aadmi’. This has been done by some anti-social, political and external elements. Hindus and Muslims in Delhi never want to fight. Everyone has suffered losses in the riots. Over 20 have been killed. Veer Bhan has died, he was a Hindu. Mohammad Mubaraq has died, he was a Muslim. Parvesh was killed, he was a Hindu. Zakir has died.
He was a Muslim. Rahul Solanki has died. He was a Hindu. Shahid and Muhammad Furqan have died, they were Muslims. Rahul Thakur has died, he was a Hindu. Hindus and Muslims have died in the riots. The police were also killed. I also have a list of the injured. Hindus and Muslims both have been injured, both are suffering.
Rahul Solanki was killed when he went out to buy something for his house. If someone goes and tells his mother to not worry because 10 Muslims have been killed to avenge the death of her son, what would she do with that? How would she be bothered? She has lost her son. If we do the same with auto-rickshaw driver Shahid Khan’s mother, how would she be bothered? What has she to do with it? The truth remains they they lost their sons. The people of Delhi are suffering because of this violence spread by outsiders and the anti-social elements.
In the last two-three days, we all tried to do what we could. I was awake the entire previous night, working with my colleagues to extend as much support as possible to those affected. We tried to attend as many calls as possible. We tried to evacuate many of the stranded families with the help of the police. The police also helped as many times as they could in the last two-three days, but many times they had inadequate strength.
DCP Amit Sharma had to undergo brain surgery in Max Hospital because he sustained a serious head injury in the riots. I met his family, which was in panic and distress. There was also an ACP. There are about 50 policemen admitted there with injuries.
IB officer Ankit Sharma was also found dead in a drain in Northeast Delhi. I understand that the police tried their best to handle the situation, but the low strength of the police could not control the soaring atmosphere. Some policemen were saying that there were no orders from above and hence, they could not act to diffuse the situation.
However, many videos are also going viral, somewhere in which some policemen were helping the miscreants. If there are such people, they should be investigated. I met with the BJP and AAP MLAs yesterday. Most of the MLAs were on the ground. I heard that riots were stopped because of the efforts of legislators and volunteers at many places. Fake information and rumors were also stopped from disseminating at certain places.
I went to meet the  Home Minister with the inputs of all the MLAs and the officials. The Home Minister convened a meeting of all the parties. We visited the hospitals in all the areas. Hon’ble LG also visited the hospitals to oversee the provision of treatment to the injured.
I was constantly monitoring the reach of ambulances in the violence-affected areas. The ambulances were immediately sent wherever required. We did whatever was under our control. But today, Delhi has two options: Either everyone comes together and helps make the situation better or they start hitting each other and killing each other.
The future of modern Delhi cannot be built on a pile of bodies. It will be built on electricity, water, development. We should reject the politics of hate. Enough is enough. Politics of hate, of riots, of burning homes, won’t be tolerated. We will not tolerate the politics of hate and riots. Now, the whole of Delhi has to stand together and assert that they will not tolerate the politics that pitches brothers against each other.
Many stories of unity were also heard from several parts of the city. It was observed that all the Hindus got together to save a Muslim residing in their area. Somewhere it was learned that there is a Hindu in the Muslim-dominated area, all the Muslims saved his life. This is our Delhi. This is the future of Delhi. The situation is very sensitive.
I had requested the Home Minister this morning and now, through this House, I would like to appeal again to him that if necessary, the Army should be called in to control the situation in the city. Curfew in the violence-affected areas should also be imposed at the earliest to normalize the situation.
On behalf of all the parties and the House, I would like to assure the people of Delhi that there will be no dearth of effort of any kind from our side. I would like to appeal to the people to leave behind this violence against each other. All the people should go back to their homes and try to live their lives peacefully and report all those elements who try to disturb their peace and unity.
( By Lipakshi Seedhar )

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