College life is the golden phase of life. A life where when gets the freedom from all those things that were heated at that time, uniforms, oily head, college life just give us some time to feel free from all if these childish things and make us feel mature. College is indeed a place where we are more concerned and focused for our career and dreams to be achieved all it is a mixture of all drama, emotions, feelings and life making learning lessons where a person just enhance and acquire a lot of knowledge and experiences so many things by themselves.

College life is a tale of multitudes of the experiences and every person has different experiences in his/her own taste but the gamut of it has no difference of others who experience it in their own is just an imbue to experience life with a lot of excitement and memories that are just cherished along with the entire life.

It is a phase where there are so set of defined rules but an open invitation to hope on and develop yourself. It just nurtures oneself and one surely grows a sense of responsibility. Although a life where when starts entering into an adulthood of the lifestyle yet another stage of the human life.

College life is the chapter where one experience so many things at the same time but also be on to trendy things of the lifestyle every person gets keenly interested to follow the latest trend or sets a trend of all the fashions that are growing on as well as with the latest fancy things that are approaching as of the gadgets.

Interacting with so many groups of diverse backgrounds that are fore sure beyond our classmates and even generate the sense of having bundles of opportunities and burdens of responsibility we start on working with the savings that we make and hold to exist on our set budget. Where learning and classes go on hand in hand but we do come on other track where we lye on friends to have ample of time to spend with and move on further with road tours or a maximum of the college trips that take place. this stage just teaches us how the world-class is to handled where one learns all of the dilemma situations to choose from and move on for the tough chapters that go on all over time and how the priorities and mindset change with all the temporary things that we learned in school time was some hoax a liberated like a skill that enters on to us how we treat the other person, but the same time of all fun and enjoyment one must not forget the basic etiquette from where one enhances the personality skills.

Respecting the college faculties and teachers is the most favored for all the students. In today’s scenario, it is hard to be believed and a shameful thing that we as growing with so many new discoveries and technologies of luxury lifestyle some of the students are eradicating the sense of humanity an innocence within them where one is being disrespectful to teachers and another elderly person. It is seen through these days which is immense pain for all our students that on growing stage we must not forget our manners and should not hurt any elderly person’s emotions and feelings as our mentors are the main reason for our success and excellence. As they thoroughly guide us and enlighten us.

While we enter the different world to discover there is no doubt to attach that canteen life of the college is such a treat to all the students where one just not only have the delicious meals but also gossiping and rolling on for the fun is no lapse.

College is the opportunity where students get the dance to discover not only their career plans but also focus on all the extra co-curriculum activities that take place such as coordinator of various cultural programming one can also be the student coordinator for all the different departments one is must choose for this designation.

The most awaited days for the college is the youth festival as well the various department festivals that are heading entire year such as the Media fest, Food & Science fest, many work field workshops as well as placement drives, alumni meet, convocation and fresher’s and farewell parties that are held to cherish and have fun and so on the farewell is the hardest part to bid. Budding adieu is the most emotional moment where it is truly said as we enter the college we are entirely a mature and a different person as we are at the last stage of our college the entire lifestyle and our skills that we gain we experience so many things and discover our work fields and get responsible and sensible. College life is an important and golden moment for every student.

College life as a student one must not miss the chance to admit themselves to such institutes as it is a part and right for all the students. College life is entirely a most beautiful journey with so many seasons of the life colors that is experienced.

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