Commissionarate Police issues various Ban orders

Commissionarate  Police  issues various  Ban orders

JALANDHAR – Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Balkar Singh on Thursday issued various prohibitory orders to maintain the law and order in the city.

Exercising the powers vested under Section 144, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, DCP ordered that the city residents have to inform the nearby police Sanjh Kendras about the servant and any type of worker, employed in their homes or factories or tenants living in PGs or other accommodations, with their complete information about background, original residential addresses and other details.

In a separate order, all the hotels, guest houses, resorts and any other public accommodation that is used for a temporary stay, would have to keep the records of all the people who seek the accommodation in their premises.

The authorities have to get a copy of the identity card, mobile number, the purpose of staying or visiting the place, details of people one has with him or her, number of days that one has to stay, room number. In the case of any foreigner stays in their premises, they have to inform the head of the Foreigners Registration Office (Commissionerate Police).

These all must have to install CCTV cameras at the entrance, corridor, and reception counter of the building. If any person having a criminal record is being identified or any person is being arrested the police of other states or districts, the authorities must inform the local police station.

The city police have also ordered that the firecrackers noise level at the boundary of the public places, where loudspeaker of the public address system is being used must not exceed 10 dB (A) above the ambient noise standards for the area 7.5 dB (A) whichever is lower, banned playing of DJs or loud music systems, no horn should be used between 10 pm to 6 am.

He said that the manufacturers and traders of firecrackers would have to print noise level on the packs and no firecrackers sounding more than 125 dB (A-1) 145 dB (c) would be used and

These orders would remain in force till April 13, 2020.

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