Congress, SAD look for winnable candidate from Ferozepur to play number game 

On joining of Phallianwala in Congress, poll scenario again changed in Ferozepur

 Congress, SAD look for winnable candidate from Ferozepur to play number game 

Ferozepur April 2, 2019:  With the joining of Mohan Singh Phallianwala former MP from Ferozepur on 1996 as Bahujan Samaj Party – BSP his parent party, the poll scenario again looked to be changed in Ferozepur Parliament constituency. 

Earlier Sher Singh Ghubaya had claimed that before joining the Congress, after being two-time MP of the SAD party on differences with the Badals, was given assurance for the ticket from Ferozepur.  Both Rai Sikh and Kamboj community has held in this constituency to turn the tables as per their verdict, but it could only be possible if Mohan Singh Phallianwla has been conducted with pre-condition to support any candidate including Ghubaya is fielded from Ferozepur.

On having look at the statistics of 1996, against to total 11,47,220 votes of Lok Sabha Ferozepur constituency, 7,34,250 were polled.  Mohan Singh Phallianwala as BSP candidate got 2,64,799 votes – 36.83 percent, while the runners Sunil Jakhar as Indian National Congress got 2,04,887 – 28.50 percent and Surjeet Kumar Jyani of BJP got 1,32,159 – 18.38 percent.  In total 20 candidates were in the fray including the Independents and major political parties.

Another Congress leader, Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi MLA from Guruharshai and holding Sports portfolio in the Ministry who is also a claimant for the ticket has said I will not hesitate to take Sukhbir’s head on.

Ferozepur Lok Sabha seat is the baby of SAD in its alliance with BJP.  Both Congress and SAD are waiting for the announcement of its candidate so that a strong candidate is posted to counter.  Both are looking for a winnable candidate instead of the pleasing candidate, to play a number game.

Speculations about Sunil Jakhar now Gurdaspur are clear from the latest list of candidates released by the Congress but still, there is a look for a suitable candidate among the stakeholders or field from outside, who could win this seat after Gurdial Singh Dhillon in 1985.

The intellectual classes, who too review the poll state of affairs on day to day basis, are of the view that Congress will stand in Ferozepur only – irrespective of any candidate – provided all other leaders are united.

Similarly, in the SAD circles, the position is the same except in case if the candidate is from Badal’s family when the whole fraternity of SAD will be united.

There are also rumors that Captain and Badals are having a seat fixing over Ferozepur and Bathinda and it could only be guessed from the announcement of the candidates.

It looks that both – Congress and SAD top brass – are concentrating on deciding the candidate for Ferozepur, from various angles for the winnable candidate for playing a number candidate.

 In the meantime, both the party leaders have started their campaign in Ferozepur ahead of the announcement of their candidates.