A day in the life of … Harmeet Kaur

Harmeet is a team leader for Performance and Aerothermal Systems, Rolls-Royce Bangalore. She lives in South Bangalore.

My day starts with…
My alarm goes off at 6:30 am; I then start my day with some meditation and a cup of hot ginger tea. I usually check my emails on the way to the office so I can plan my day.

My job involves…
I’m responsible for managing the operation of the team, giving them technical guidance and help with their capability development. A key part of my role is making sure the team are aligned to the Rolls-Royce Group and Civil Aerospace business objectives.

My typical workday starts…
With a quick breakfast in the office before heading to morning meetings where the team leads find out how we are delivering with on quality and cost, and to address any concerns raised by the teams. Generally, the first half of the day is taken up with meetings, providing an information flow to the team, or in knowledge sharing sessions with individuals or team.

Post lunch (which is mostly in the office cafeteria), I am usually occupied interacting with counterparts on different sites to plan work and technical reviews, or to address any issues related to resource availability, tools or quality of our deliverables.

Evenings are spent…
Most of the time, I reach home around 8:30 pm (due to the well-known traffic issues of Bangalore!) and catch-up with the news while preparing dinner. I generally finish my day with hot green tea.

I love my job because…
The best part of my job is the mix of responsibilities I have. My role is to act as an interface between the leadership and my team. I am also accountable for developing strategy, the team’s capability and the operations. The challenge to deliver my objectives effectively and keep my team satisfied brings me to the office each day.

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