Dental visit during COVID Times

Dental visit during COVID Times
Dr. Nidhi Parhar
Dental visit during COVID Times
Dr. Bhupinder Singh Parhar
In these unprecedented times of Corona, as the Healthcare facilities begin to relax restrictions on health care services to patients, the question arises in the minds of various people whether it is safe to visit the dentist. Also, when should they go to the dental clinic?
Here are a few points that we would like to share with our readers that hopefully may help them to clear the doubts to the bit.
1. The first preference should be telehealth consultation to reduce the risk of SARS COVID- 2 transmissions in Healthcare settings.
Telehealth consultation includes Consulting your dentist either through phone or live audio-video interactions or through messages or emails.
2. In case the condition is not resolved and you need to visit the clinic please call ahead and fix your appointment. Avoid crowding in the waiting areas of the dental facility.
3. During the appointment before entering the facility ensure that you are wearing a proper face mask in the right manner. Also, ensure that you wear it at all times except during the dental procedure.
4. Most of the dental facilities have screening stations where you would be required to undergo some screening for example oxygen saturation measurement, temperature monitoring and history taking.
5. Alcohol-based sanitizers are provided at the entrances and waiting areas of the dental facilities.
6. Within the waiting rooms, social distancing should be maintained with utmost care.
7. Please ensure you have a minimal number of accompanying people who would also be required to wear face masks when entering the facility and undergo screening as well. They may opt to wait in a personal vehicle or outside the dental facility where they can be contacted by mobile phone.
8. After completion of the dental procedure redon your face mask immediately.
9. Also unfortunately if any symptoms of COVID-19 appear within 2 days of the appointment kindly inform your dentist immediately.
10. Last but not the least maintenance of oral hygiene (i.e brushing of teeth, gargles for throat and nasal lavages ) should be the first priority to prevent any infections.
The dental professionals are working hard by following the guidelines given by the Indian Dental Association, DCI and Ministry of Health to ensure your safety. We are positive that if we work together we can definitely fight and win this war against Corona.
We hope the above information helps you to prepare for your dental visits and allay any misguided apprehensions…
The Author Dr. Nidhi Parhar M.D.S
Dr. Bhupinder Singh Parhar M.D.S
Parhar Maxillofacial &Dental Centre.Central Town

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