By Madhur Vyas:

Jalandhar, June 24, 2019: In a unique initiative the district Police and Civil administration today roped in a number of reformed drug dependents, who had shelved this menace, to disseminate the message of carving a drug-free district by encouraging the other drug dependents to come out of this vicious circle.

During the function organized in association with Bolster Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre at the local Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar, the reformed drug dependents shared their experiences in the presence of Deputy Commissioner  Varinder Kumar Sharma and Commissioner of Police Gurpreet Singh Bhullar. The reformed drug dependents said that addiction to drugs was not in the interest of any human being. They said that dependence on drugs creates havoc for the family and ruins everyone. They said that the motivation of shunning the drugs comes from inside and support of family was must for that.

Addressing the gathering, the Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner threw light on the efforts being made by the state government to wipe out the menace of drugs from the district. They said that the Drug Abuse Prevention Officer (DAPO) and Buddy program has been started by the state government to create massive awareness on the issue. Both the officers said that besides this drug helpline has been started at the district level where anybody could give the complaint and their identity would not be revealed to anybody.

The Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner said that the motive of roping in people who have already bear the brunt was to ensure that the people who have suffered woes must narrate their tales from their mouth to the masses. They said that it would sensitize the drug dependents that if others could shun the menace of drugs then why couldn’t they. Both the officers said that if a person has will power it was quite easy to shun the menace of drugs but due to the social stigma attached to the menace, it needs a lot of courage to come forward and tell the people that I had left this scourge.

The Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner said that the motive of organizing this experience sharing interactive session was to ensure that more and more drug dependents could be benefitted from it. They also said that more such sessions would be organized in the coming days to make eliminate the curse of drugs from the district. Both the officers also solicited fulsome support and cooperation from the people for this noble cause.

On the occasion, Deputy Commissioner of Police Gurmeet Singh, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police PS Bendall, Assistant Commissioners of Police  Gurpreet Singh and Dharam Pal, Civil Surgeon Dr Gurinder Chawla, Dr Aman Sood and others were also present.