Don’t think exit polls are accurate, Expect congress to do better

    • Chandigarh, May 19 –  Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has rejected the various exit polls, saying their accuracy was suspect and he expected the Congress to do much better both at the national level and in the state.Most opinion polls are giving clear or near-clear majority to BJP-led NDA at the Centre, while projecting 9-10 seats out of 13 for the Congress in Punjab.After 50 years in politics, he saw no reason to believe the exit polls, which just could not predict the results with accuracy, said the Chief Minister. “With so much experience, even if I go around Punjab to gauge the voter swing, I would not be able to do it with complete accuracy. So how can these exit polls be accurate?” he said.

      Captain Amarinder said he was confident the Congress would do much better in these Lok Sabha elections. Even in Punjab, he said he expected the party to get more than the 9 or 10 seats the exit polls were predicting, he added.

      The Chief Minister also thanked the voters of Punjab for ensuring smooth, peaceful, free and fair conduct of the elections, and added that the voter turnout further indicated the people’s commitment to upholding the democratic ethos of the country, which the BJP-led NDA was trying to destroy.