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By Anmol Rattan Narang :
The other day, the Home Minister of the country, Shri Rajnath Singh ji, on being questioned by the journalists as regards casualties in Balakot attack by Indian forces, stated that as per NTRO report, there were some 300 active mobile phones when the attack occurred. It can be safely inferred that there were some 300 terrorists that have been killed. He further questioned, “Were the trees using mobile phones?”
The reply given by the Home Minister is very ‘logical’ and ‘rational’.
It brought to my mind an incident of my life. A colleague of mine was full of energy and whatever assignment was given to him by our employer, he used to complete it with great devotion and speed. Thus, his expectations of his 2 sons was in the same proportion in which he himself used to work but the boys did not come to his expectations.
Once, my colleague fractured his leg and was bed-ridden and I went to his home to inquire about his health.
While we are talking, he said, “Anmol, you know how much labour I put in at office and at home and the speed with which I work but I do not know from whom my sons have inherited the genes. They are so lazy, inert and lethargic that whatever I say to them, they, instead of doing the work, will evade or avoid.”
He continued, “Yesterday, I asked my elder son to see whether it is raining outside.”
Instead of going outside, he, without batting an eyelid stated, “Papa, a cat has just come from outside in our room. Since the cat was wet, it can be safely inferred that it is raining outside”
After Balakot attack, there are great chances of the same Home Minister, guiding destiny of the country on internal security matters.
God Save My Country.
The author, Anmol Rattan Narang is a Retd. Principal, Staff Training College of a Nationalized Bank, Chandigarh.
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