Dy C M reaches SKV, Chirag Delhi to hold a fourth review meeting with teachers and parents

Dy C M reaches SKV, Chirag Delhi to hold a fourth review meeting with teachers and parents
Manish Sisodia
New Delhi, July 31, 2020: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia today interacted with teachers and parents at SKV School, Chirag Delhi. This was the fourth review meeting on online and semi-online education in Delhi government schools.
Giving credit for this success to parents and teachers, Sisodia said that the government has only provided the platform, all the hard work has been done by the teachers and parents. He said that the corona epidemic is the worst crisis mankind has seen. We have to keep up the learning process even when everything else is closed.
Sisodia said, “Soon there will be a vaccine to cure Corona, but there is no vaccine for the loss of education. Therefore, we have to reduce our other expenses so that we continue with our children’s education. If there is a loss in education, it will not only be the loss of that child or family, but it will be a loss for the entire country. Our prudence is to recognize that no matter how difficult it may get, it should not affect our child’s education.”  Sisodia thanked parents for their support and said, “You have transformed your home as a school, this is a big deal.”
Sisodia said that students who did not have online resources were contacted through the phone call. A semi-online pattern was introduced for them and the material was given. There was a child who did not have access to Online Education, a teacher came forward to help him. She took the help of his neighbor and arranged that facility for him. Only a teacher can do this miracle.
Sisodia said, “Online education is not an alternative to school. Going to school helps in the all-round development of a child. So we want the school to re-open as soon as possible. We did this experiment so that children do not lose their precious time.” He also spoke about the importance of activities in online education. He said Finland’s education system is considered to be the best in the world. Even in Finland, a lot is taught through various activities.
 Sisodia said, “We had to implement online education suddenly without proper planning. But we can say our experiment has been successful. Parental involvement during these online sessions has been like a blessing in disguise.”
Sisodia said that the government schools of Delhi have created history this time by getting a 98% result. He said, “Five years ago when we got 88% result, we gave ourselves the target of achieving 90%. Today, the result has reached 98 percent. But let us not be complacent, but instead, let’s think of moving forward.” He said, “In a car, the front mirror is bigger, the rearview mirror is smaller. While driving, we look at the front mirror rather than looking at the rearview mirror. Similarly, in life, we have to look forward. If an organization or a family becomes happy and satisfied with its progress and stops working hard for the future, then it cannot move forward.
A mother said that children are enjoying this form of education a lot. School teachers have worked extremely hard and this is a good opportunity for children to learn and grow. Teachers said that till now we used to connect only with children, but now we are getting the opportunity to interact with parents more. This interaction was not possible during the PTMs. Parents described online education as a useful tool and said teachers guide their children properly throughout these sessions.
The process of reviewing online education in different schools of every district will continue. The rules of social distancing were fully taken care of during the interaction.
By Lipakshi Seedhar:

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