Each religion teach us to become good human beings- Dr. Kamal Ali Khan

Our Correspondent:

Patiala, Sep 7, 2019 – An extension lecture by Dr. Kamal Ali Khan, Athletics Department NIS, Patiala, Brand ambassador (DBG) Dedicated Brothers Group delivered an informative discourse on various fields of humanity, patriotism , religion and  women empowerment under the aegis of Principal Dr. Kusum Bansal at the multipurpose hall of the college on 6 Sept., 2019.

The  Principal of the college welcomed the Chief Guest and expressed her sincere thanks  to Dedicated Brothers Group for sparing  precious time for the college.  Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Khan stated that all religions are equal and the sermons of each religion teach us to become good human beings. According to him, we have forgotten the teachings of our first Guru, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He further instructed the students to serve their parents as it is a moral duty of a good human being. He also exhorted students to stay away from drugs as the drugs are victimizing our youth.

His motivational speech captivated the minds of everyone. Dr. Rakesh Vermi, the President of the D.B.G. inspired students to donate blood as he himself has donated the blood 72 times.

On this occasion the Project Manager, Mohamad Ramzan Dillon, Finance Secretary Vikas Goyal and P.R.O., Fakir Chand Mittal were also present.  Dr. Vaneeta Garg, Vice- Principal of the college conducted the stage and Dr. Reetu Kapoor proposed the vote of thanks.  Prof. Ram Kumar, Dr. P.S.Rekhi including whole faculty felt enlightened by the speech and the speakers.