Eight more Symptomatic patients discharged

Eight more Symptomatic patients discharged   Jalandhar, June 24,2020: -The new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) prescribed by the Government of India for COVID- 19 patients today again brought cheers for Jalandhar residents as eight more asymptomatic patients were today discharged from local Civil Hospital thereby bringing the total tally of asymptomatic discharged to 18 today.

These patients were discharged from the local Civil Hospital after a team of Doctors led by Senior Medical Officer Dr. Kashmiri Lal thoroughly examined them. As per the Health authorities these patients would have to remain at Home quarantined for coming 14 days.

Civil Surgeon Dr. Gurinder Chawla and Medical Superintendent Dr. Harinder Singh said that as per new SOP Patients who were mild/ moderate symptomatic at the time of admission at isolation facility and become symptom-Free during course of treatment would be considered for discharge  from  facility  and would be advised  home isolation.

They said that as per the directions, the patient should be clinically assessed for the resolution of symptoms by the treating Medical Officer.

The Civil Surgeon and Medical Superintendent said that the patient would be carefully monitored by the treating medical officer and record of temperature, Oxygenation level (With Pulse Oxymeter) or any other relevant signs/symptoms.

They said that the patient, who was being discharged, would have the requisite facilities at their residence for self-isolation and also for quarantining the family contacts, i.e. clean, well-ventilated rooms with attached wash rooms for the patient/home contacts.

They said that the treating medical officer would certify that the patient was symptom Free as per guidelines and fit for home isolation adding that the patient would give the undertaking for self-isolation to ensure the availability of adequate facilities for isolation.

The Civil Surgeon and Medical Superintendent said that a care giver would be available to provide service on 24X7 basis adding that a communication link between the caregiver and hospital would be established for entire duration of home isolation.

They said that care giver and all close contacts of such cases should take hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis as per the protocol and as prescribed by the treating Medical Officer. They said that the patient would be instructed to follow strict social distancing measures and respiratory etiquette.

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