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FIR against candidates for not producing Expenditure Registers for checking, say Observers

Round the clock strict vigil overuse of money and muscle power during LS Polls

FIR against candidates for not producing Expenditure Registers for checking, say Observers

By Our Correspondent:

Ferozepur, May 5, 2019:  As per directions of the Election Commission of India, the round the clock strict vigil would be kept on the use of money and muscle power during the run-up for the polls, said Observers for Lok Sabha seat in Ferozepur today.Presiding over a meeting with candidates or their election agents at the meeting hall of the District Administrative Complex, the General Election Observer Masheer Alam, Expenditure Observer Abhay Uday Anand, accompanied by the Deputy Commissioner Ferozepur Chandar Gaind and Senior Superintendent of Police  Sandeep Goyal, said that the Election Commission of India has fixed a maximum expenditure limit of Rs 70 lakh during the Lok Sabha polls. They said that the candidates must adhere to this limit and avoid excessive use of money power during the polls and apprised them that the strict vigil would be kept on the entire expenditure being made by them during the polls.

Divulging the details, the expenditure observer said that the expenditure was being monitored from the date of filing of nominations to the day of counting including winning procession by the successful candidate. They said that every single penny spent by the candidate would be accounted for the administration through the expenditure teams, which have been set up for this purpose.

He said that the checking of expenditure registers being maintained by the candidates will start on May 6 and will go on till May 17. He further added that the first checking will take place on May 6 between 10 am to 6 pm at the meeting hall of the district administrative complex in the presence of the expenditure observer. Similarly, second and third checking will be done on May 13 and 17 respectively. He said that an FIR will be lodged against the candidate failing to produce their expenditure register for checking on the fixed schedule.

He asked candidates and their election agents only to use a specific bank account for the election-related expenditure. During the whole election process, they can make payment up to ten thousand rupees only in cash to a single party. This cash payment must be withdrawn from the afore said disclosed bank accounts in the nomination forms by the candidates. The use of any other bank account for election expenditure is strictly prohibited. For payments above ten thousand rupees, they need to opt for checks, demand draft, RTGS, and other banking options.

The general observer Mashir Alam apprised the candidates and their agents about the main provisions of the Model Code of Conduct. He said that the parties must adhere to the stipulated Model Code of Conduct else stern action would be taken against the violators as per the provisions. He warned them to abstain themselves from corrupt practices such as the distribution of gifts, freebies, cash, liquor, and other items to the votes because these kinds of acts will be considered a violation of the model code of conduct.

The deputy commissioner cum district election officer  Chander Gaind directed candidates and their agents to implement the instructions of election commission in its letter and spirit. He asked them to thoroughly study the guidelines of election commission and act accordingly adding he said that the summery of main guidelines has been distributed among the candidates and their agents. If there was any kind of confusion regarding any guideline, they can any time contact of teams at the district administrative complex without any hesitation.

On the occasion, Additional Deputy Commissioner Ravinder Singh, Superintendent of Police  Sandeep Sharma, Tehsildar Elections Chaand Parkash and others were also present.



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