Fish Farmer Gurbachan Singh from village

Fish Farmer Gurbachan Singh from village

Tangrala is a good example for other Farmers

  • He earned one lakh from one acre

Fatehgarh Sahib, June 3, 2018 ( By SK.Vyas): Agriculture is not just about growing crops, along with crops farmer must rear some animals to ensure stability in income. Fish farming is one of[1] the enterprise for bringing a good source of income to uplift the economic condition of small farmers. Integrated fish farming offers an opportunity for taking up various farming activities with optimum utilization of land space for food production, this increases household income of small farmers.

Many small farmers in Punjab have switched to integrated fish farming. Gurbachan Singh from village Tangrala is a good example among them. His fish farm is located at village Tangrala block Amloh and is well connected by road. He is happy and successful fish farmer of the area. After completing his graduation from A.S. College Khanna & Diploma in physical education from Shiva Ji college Amaravati, Maharashtra he started farming in his land. But he could not get enough returns to sustain his family requirements. One of his friends inspired him to start fish rearing in his land. To start fish farming as a profession he approached the fisheries department for training. Fisheries officer guided him to take training at Fish Seed Farm Bhagrian Faganmajra. Where he received five days training regarding fisheries. After completion of his training programme he started fish farming in a scientific way in two acres of land in 2015 and today his fish ponds cover five acres area. He earned one lakh p.a. from fish farming and he set an example for other small & marginal farmers in Punjab.

Now along with fish farming, he starts integrated horticulture farming & uses the fish pond water to irrigate fruit plants. He says that integrated fish farming is the best example of diversification.  He expressed his gratefulness to the department of fisheries for all kind of help & encouragement extended to him through filed visits & also  by providing latest technical guidance