#FreshStartMonday Another Monday, another Monday morning blues. Get out of the bed, do the usual work of making food, going to office or staying home, working, and whatnot. The
daily routine is hectic be it at home or at the office. While the days have started to become normal, there’s still a lot of negativity around. So, here is your weekly dose of the
positives to start your week on a happy note:
1. He was born just after the Spanish flu, the pandemic that struck the world in
1920, and lost both his parents when he was seven years old to an epidemic:
cholera. On Thursday, 99-year-old Sripoti Naiban, who is India’s oldest COVID
patient to recover from the dreaded disease, returned home after doctors said
he was past the danger.
2. There is very little that Dharavi does not make. From textiles to food, leather to plastic products, it is perhaps home to the biggest cluster of small scale
units in the city. By some estimates, this one square mile hosts 15,000 manufacturing enterprises, most of them unregistered and part of the country’s informal economy. Now has emerged as a model in the fight against coronavirus, this labyrinthine maze of shanties is restarting its economic
3. The Goa government said on Wednesday that the state will be open for tourists from Thursday and that around 250 hotels will be permitted to start operations. These establishments, which had applied to the government signalling their readiness to start, will only be allowed to accept guests with prior bookings.
4. A Gujarati businessman in the UAE has so far helped more than 700 compatriots return to Gujarat during the COVID pandemic. The efforts of Bharat Joshi, who settled in Dubai 16 years ago, has complemented the Government of India’s Vande Bharat programme. The programme facilitates the
homecoming of Indians stranded abroad because of the pandemic.
5. The corona recovery rate of India has risen from 58.56% last week to 70% as of
5 th July 2020. Relieving news for us, isn’t it?
It’s already the seventh month of the year and it seems like the first half of the year was only a series of bad news. But this doesn’t mean that the year is bad. We can always change the negatives to positives by changing our outlook. The world is anyways bad but we can change ourselves and be the positive light in the world. Don’t stop being good because others are bad. Be positive, spread positivity, try to stay positive.

#FreshStartMonday Lipakshi Seedhar (Staff Reporter):

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