Haryana directs Market Committees ensure Sanitary Protocols and saftey procudure of COVID-19 at procurement Centre.

 Haryana directs Market Committees ensure Sanitary Protocols and saftey procudure of COVID-19 at procurement Centre.

By YS.Rana : 

Chandigarh, April 12– In a bid to minimize health risk to those engaged in the procurement operations during the Rabi season 2020-21 in Haryana and also to ensure that the premises (Mandis, Arhtiya premises, labour sleeping areas, banks, eating places in Mandis etc) do not become a node of transmission, the Market Committees of the State have been directed to ensure that the Sanitary Protocols and Safety Procedure of COVID-19 are strictly followed at each procurement Centre.

Sharing more details about the State Government’s arrangements about procurement operations, a spokesman of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department said that Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board has issued several directions to the Market Committees. As per the directions, the committees will ensure that all the Market Committee employees and labour including the Market Committee Contractors employees and labourers coming to the Mandis must wear masks and preferably carry portable sanitizer bottles (sanitizer containing at least 70 percent alcohol) for personal use.

He informed that in the Mandis, the availability of masks, places for washing hands (with soap and running water) and alcohol-based sanitizers containing at least 70 percent alcohol must be ensured. Mandi areas must be regularly fumigated, cleaned and disinfected.

The Spokesman shared that the sleeping area or place for the labour must be well ventilated and regularly fumigated and cleaned. Adequate clean drinking water facilities must be provided in the mandis and proper arrangements of bathrooms and toilets should be made and these should also be regularly fumigated, cleaned and disinfected.

Meanwhile, the marketing committees have also been directed to provide, up-to-date education and training on COVID-19 risk factors and protective behaviour (e.g., cough etiquette, hand washing, etc) on regular basis, for its employees and labour. The committees should also restrict access to the mandis and their premises or shops and only the essential staff and workers involved with the Mandi operations should be allowed.

Sharing the details about the social distancing norms, the spokesman said that the market committees and procurement agency employees and labour should ensure that one meter distance be maintained during mandi operations. Further, at the time of auction of wheat, only those essentially required for the auction is allowed. Apart from this, social distancing of 2 meter must be maintained where the farmers and labour stay or sleep during the period of mandi operations.

Employees, labour, farmers coming to the mandis should be made aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 by posting signs about COVID- 19 in the premises and shops.

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