Haryana is stadfast to provide employment and boost its economy

Haryana is stadfast to provide employment and boost its economy

By YS.Rana :

Chandigarh, May 6,2020: Haryana Government is steadfast to provide employment and boost the economy of the state for which automated approvals are being given at the portal https://saralharyana.gov.in/ and so far 19,626 units have been approved and 11,21,287 workers have been allowed to work.

 Haryana Chief Secretary Keshni Anand Arora during a video conference with  representatives of various industrial units of the state and representatives of enterprise organizations  informed here on Wednesday. She said that as per the new guidelines by the Union Home Ministry, the auto acceptance has been activated with effect from May 4, 2020 and out of 7,338 applications, 4,89,182 workers have been allowed to work in industries, out of which 3,02,084 workers of 4164 units will work in urban areas and 1,84,098 workers from 3174 units will work in rural areas.

During the meeting, the Chief Secretary asked the representatives of the industrial organizations to open the industries while adhering to the guidelines of standard operating procedures (SOPs) laid down by the Central Government and the State Government so as to protect workers from the corona virus. She said that one can submit applications at the portal https://edisha.gov.in/eForms/MigrantService and https://saralharyana.gov.in/ to re-operate the industries and call workers. Apart from this, there are no restrictions of any kind on the movement of essential and non-essential items.

          She said that we need to collectively help the people and strike a balance between emergency services and economy to ensure the safety of our future generations. She called upon representatives of industrial units and enterprises and said that we have to protect our region from the corona virus. She appealed to the representatives to explain to the workers that reaching their native town they would be quarantined for 14 days, hence the workers should stay back and work at their establishments.

          In the meeting, Principal Secretary, Industries Department, A.K. Singh said to cope up with the present financial crunch arisen due to COVID-19, the state has started “Haryana MSME Revivable Interest Benefit Scheme”. The scheme has been started to facilitate industrial units helping them revive industry operations and retain employees. This will help in providing financial assistance to MSME units so that they can pay wages to their employees, including permanent/contractual employees and workers and meet other necessary expenses. Under this, all MSME units working on or before March 5, 2020, in Haryana will be eligible for benefit of interest for a period of six months on the loan obtained for payment of salary and other expenses of employees up to a maximum of Rs 20,000 per employee.

          Managing Director of HSIDC,  Anurag Aggarwal said that the state government welcomes entrepreneurs and investors with an open mind to establish industries in the state. Also, owing to the pandemic COVID-19, the state intends to render cooperation to establish the units of multinational companies in the state which were earlier based in China. He told the representatives of various industrial units and enterprises that if a multinational company wants to shift its base from China to Haryana, then the company will be fully supported by the Haryana government.

          During the meeting, officials of various industrial units and representatives of enterprise organizations expressed gratitude to the Haryana government and state officials for reopening the industrial establishments under SOPs. The Chief Secretary and other senior officers also gave assurances to implement the suggestions made by the officers and representatives of industrial organizations and organizations and to redress their problems.

The meeting was attended by Principal Secretary of Industries and Commerce A. K. Singh, Principal Secretary of Labour Department,  Vineet Garg, Managing Director of HSIIDC  Anurag Agarwal, Director, Industries & Commerce, Dr. Saket Kumar, and other senior officials.

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