Haryana sends 1.87 Lakh migrants to their homes till date

Haryana sends 1.87 Lakh migrants to their homes till date

By YS.Rana :

Chandigarh, May 18,2020:  Haryana Government has been continuously sending migrant labourers to their home states by adequately arranging trains and buses during lockdown. Till now over 1.87 lakh migrant laborers, hailing from various states have been sent to their hometowns by trains, buses and other transport facilities.

            Today, around 2900 migrant labourers were sent to their home districts in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh by three special trains. One of these trains was sent from Panipat to Katihar in Bihar, second train from Gurugram to Darbhanga in Bihar and the third train from Bhiwani to Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from this, about 8500 workers have also been sent to Uttar Pradesh by 284 buses.

            So far, 46 special trains have been sent, carrying migrant workers and others. Out of these, 33 trains have been sent to Bihar and 13 trains have been sent to Madhya Pradesh. Similarly, migrant workers and others have also been sent to their home states by 2938 buses, so far.

            ADGP CID, Mr. Anil Kumar Rao said that from May 20 to 26, 23 trains are proposed to be sent to Bihar, out of which permission has been received from Bihar government for 8 trains. Similarly, between May 20 to 23, 8 trains will be sent to Madhya Pradesh, the approval for which has been received from Madhya Pradesh government. He said that 6 special trains are proposed to be sent to West Bengal, while one train will be sent to Guwahati in Assam.

1200 workers sent from Gurugram

            From Gurugram railway station, 1200 migrant laborers happily returned to their homes in the Shramik Special Train for “Gaya” of Bihar today. Today was a special day for the differently-abled children who were also with them. As the Civil Defense Volunteers on behalf of the district administration arranged cakes for the differently-abled children. All the migrant laborers working in the state were facilitated to send them to their homes, providing them food, water etc. Thermal scanning of migrant laborers was performed at the railway station and food packets were distributed amoung them. Besides this, every visitor had a face mask. As the train left the railway station, everyone raised slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai and wished applause for the migrant workers to return safely.

1513 migrant workers left for Chhatarpur from Bhiwani railway station

            944 migrant laborers from district Bhiwani and 569 from Charkhi Dadri registered to return to their homes. Their health checkup was performed at the railway station and marks were provided to all workers. They were provided lunch and dinner, bananas, biscuits etc. and boarded the train. During this entire process, physical distancing was maintained and the train was also sanitized. Help desks were built in front of each compartment, from where the tickets were provided. The tickets were stamped by Haryana Government as the expenses of traveling for migrant laborers have been borne by the Haryana government.

Expressed gratitude towards the administration as going back home finally became possible.

            The faces of the migrant workers sitting in the train were happy going to their respective homes. While boarding the train, Neha, a resident of Chhatarpur, said that she has come here for wages. In the lockdown, she felt that it was impossible for her to go home, but the government and administration made it possible. This will enable them to return to their homes. Debidin, a resident of village Khera in Chhatarpur district, said that the family is returning and the government has made arrangements, otherwise they would not be able to go to their homes.

Special train to Katihar carrying 1200 workers from Panipat

            1200 workers were sent from Panipat railway station to Katihar (Bihar). Before leaving, the migrant citizens were scanned and the free food packets and water bottles were distributed for the journey. In addition, masks were given to each of the migrant. All migrant laborers from Haryana are taking with them the idea and idea that Haryana not only provided them with livelihood resources but also ket their self respect intact.

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