Health Department issues advisory to combat vector borne diseases

Our Correspondent:

Ludhiana, July 16, 2019: The Civil Surgeon Dr. Rajesh Kumar Bagga on Tuesday said that the health department is committed to making Ludhiana dengue, chikungunya and other vector-borne diseases free district.

Presiding over a meeting here with multipurpose health supervisors, Dr. Bagga asked them to start a major drive for checking the spread of these Vector-Borne Diseases in the district.

He said that the vulnerable places for producing the larva of mosquitoes must be identified and action must be taken immediately.

The civil surgeon said that besides checking drive, the people must be made aware of the breeding ground of mosquitoes including air-coolers, old/ worn out utensils.

Dr. Bagga said that that the dengue is being transmitted by the bite of Aedes mosquito which usually targets in the daytime and severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscles, and joint pains are symptoms of the disease.

Dr. Bagga added that Aedes mosquito breeds in desert coolers, water storage containers, tyres, overhead tanks and many more places where rainwater collects or is stored. He said that people must be educated to keep all water storage containers covered, besides old tyres, broken pots, crockery should be removed.

He said they must hold seminars and competitions in the educational institutions to apprise the people about the vector-borne diseases and can save themselves. He said that people should be encouraged to wear full sleeves clothes these days.

Further, he asked them to release Gambusia fish in the ponds which is also called mosquito fish as fish eats the mosquito larvae and helps in controlling these diseases

He said that the people must celebrate Friday as a dry day to prevent dengue, chikungunya and others and can contact district epidemiologist Dr Rajesh Kumar 98557-16180 for further information.