Jalandhar, June 8, 2018 (By SK.Vyas): The Summer Camp for the students from Classes Nursery to VII which began on June 01, 2018 in Innocent Hearts G.M.T. and C.J.R. concludes today. It was a time of joy, excitement and learning for the children. The dance groups learnt lively steps and practised them so well that they can now perform a complete choreography. They are able to dance smoothly, happily and confidently.

The children in the art and craft groups made very pretty Picture Frames, Decorated Bottles, Beautiful Baskets, and Hand Painted Flower Pots. Their ability to decorate their own homes and lives has risen to new heights. It was for them a pleasant interlude where they could experiment with new ideas and discover their latent talents in the safe and secure environment of their own school with their teachers. Director Principal Dheeraj Banati praised the efforts of the students and explained that these activities help in the overall development of the students other than academics to enable them to become proficient in the use of their hands and brain. This is the development of motor skills of the children.