By SK.Vyas
Jalandhar,August 13: Tightening noose against narcotics and antisocial ailments on a special drive launched upon the directions issued by Gurpreet Singh Bhullar, Senior Superintendent of Police, Jalandhar (Rural), Balkar Singh, SP/Investigation and Surinder Mohan,DSP/Investigation, the Jalandhar (Rural) Police achieved a major success when ASI Krishan Gopal of CIA-1 of this district along with police party while conducting patrolling in the area of village Dheerowal, PS Adampur  arrested accused Satnam Singh @ Sukhi Dheerowalia (Aged about 35 years) s/o Harbans Singh r/o Dheerowal, PS Adampur and recovered 01 Pistol 315 Bore along with 02 live cartridges, 105 Gm Intoxicant Powder and one I-20 Car bearing registration No. PB-10-EG-9558, accused Samuel @ Lucky (Aged about 37 years) s/o David r/o Ambgarh, PS Kartarpur and recovered 01 revolver 32 Bore along with 04 live cartridges, 50 Gm Intoxicant Powder and accused Bhupinder Singh (Aged about 31 years) s/o Sardar Singh r/o Jhandaur, PS Dasuya, district Hoshiarpur  and recover 01 Pistol 12 Bore along with 01 live cartridges from him.  In this regard case FIR No. 201 dated 12-08-2017 u/s 22/61/85 NDPS Act, 25 Arms Act was registered against them in PS Adampur.  Some years back, Sheru Dheerowalia, who was the kingpin of the gang was murdered in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh and a number of 20 cases stand registered against the head of this gang.Recovers1. Pistol , 02 (01 Pistol 12 Bore & 01 Pistol 315 Bore)2. Revolver: 01 (32 Bore)3. Cartridges: 07 (02 Cart. 315 Bore, 04 Cartg. 32 Bore & 01 Cart. 12 Bore)4. Intoxicant Powder: 155 Gm5. Car: 01 (I-20 Bearing Registration No. PB-10-EZG-9558)
SSP Bhullar said that the accused Satnam Singh @ Sukhi Dheerowalia during the preliminary investigation revealed that he is 10th Class pass.  His father has since died.  He has married about 03 years ago and has a two and a half months baby boy.  Earlier he was a member of Sheru Dheerowalia gang.  When Sheru Dheerowalia, kingpin of the gang was murdered, he became the leader of the gang and started leading the gang.   He along with fights also started a business of smuggling of narcotics.

A number of about 20 cases of fights were registered against him and in year 2010/2011 he remained in jail for 02 months in a case registered against him under section 304 IPC.  Thereafter he went to jail in the year 2015 in case FIR No. 182/20913 u/s 307 IPC registered against him in PS Adampur.  In the year 2016 he along with Gagan r/o Bolina and Kaka r/o Adampur who was having 01 32 Bore Revolver and he was having 01 Pistol 12 Bore were arrested by the police and case was registered against them and they remained in jail for about 15/20 days and released from jail on bail.

The 32 Bore revolver which has been recovered from him was taken by him from Samuel @ Lucky whereas he brought the country made a pistol from Kanpur, UP. In the year 2014, while he along with his associates were bringing 02 countrymade pistols and 02 Pistols from Meerut, U.P., they were arrested by the Meerut Police and he has been released on bail in the said case.  Till now, 02 illegal weapons in the year 2015, 02 in the year 2016 & 02 in the year 2017 were recovered from this gang by the police of Jalandhar (Rural), whereas in the year 2016, 04 illegal weapons have been recovered from this gang by the Meerut Police.  Thus a total number of 11 illegal weapons were recovered from this gang.

                            Bhullar said as many as 19 criminal cases were registered against Satnam Singh @ Sukhi

  1. Case FIR No. 167 dated 05-10-2006 u/s 324/341/148/149/506 IPC, PS Adampur
  2. Case FIR No. 162 dated 13-08-2007 u/s 323/324 IPC, PS Adampur
  3. Case FIR No. 229 dated 04-12-2008 u/s 326/324/332/148/149/120-B/427 IPC, PS Adampur
  4. Case FIR No. 93 dated 16-05-2009 u/s 307/452/324148/149/120-B/427 IPC, PS Adampur
  5. Case FIR No. 132 dated 13-07-2010 u/s 36/427/506/148/149 IPC, PS Adampur
  6. Case FIR No. 198 dated 03-11-2010 u/s 457/380/342 IPC, PS Adampur
  7. Case FIR No. 155 dated 19-11-2010 u/s 307/323/506/148/149 IPC, PS Navi Baradari, Commissionerate Jalandhar
  8. Case FIR No. 289 dated 02-12-2010 u/s 323/325/148/149 IPC, PS Division No. 7, Commissionerate Jalandhar
  9. Case FIR No. 255 dated 15-12-2011 u/s 323/326/324/148/149 IPC, PS Adampur
  10. Case FIR No. 67 dated 26-04-2012 u/s 323/324/341/427/148/149 IPC, PS Adampur
  11. Case FIR No. 67 dated 06-07-2012 u/s 307/452/326/324/323/148/149 IPC, PS Bhogpur
  12. Case FIR No. 73 dated 11-05-2013 u/s 323/324/34 IPC, PS Adampur
  13. Case FIR No. 182 dated 27-10-2013 u/s 307/324/323/506/148/149 IPC, PS Adampur
  14. Case FIR No. 122 dated 05-07-2012 u/s 323/324/380/427/506/148/149 IPC, PS Adampur
  15. Case FIR No. 54 dated 01-04-2010 u/s 304/279/427 IPC, PS Adampur
  16. Case FIR No. 24 dated 02-03-2015 u/s 25 Arms Act, PS Bhogpur
  17. Case FIR No. 07 dated 18-01-2015 u/s 307/324/326/323 IPC, PS Balachaur, SBS Nagar
  18. Case FIR No. 11 dated 26-01-2015 u/s 174-A IPC, PS Bavi Baradari, Commissionerate Jalandhar
  19. Case FIR No. 80 dated 14-07-2016 u/s 25 Arms Act, PS Bhojpuri.
  20. Accused Samuel during the preliminary investigation revealed that he is 10th Class pass.  He is married and has 02 children.  After marriage, he started learning driving and thereafter started working privately with the Excise Deptt. And also started an illegal business of liquor selling.  He came in contact with Satnam Singh @ Sukhi while he was in jail and after release from jail, he joined Sukhi Dheerowalia gang and participated in fights and in this regard 02 cases already stands registered against him:

         Detail of cases registered against accused Samuel

  1. Case FIR No. 46 dated 03-05-2014 u/s 307/323/324/148/149 IPC, PS Kartarpur
  2. Case FIR No. 30 dated 02-03-2016 u/s 323/324/34 IPC, PS Maqsuda
  1. Accused Bhupinder Singh @ Bhinda during the preliminary investigation revealed that he is 10+2 Class pass and about 03 months back his wife expired. He was earlier a player of Kabaddi.  Sukhi Dheerowalia was the husband of his sister Rajvinder Kaur and he was working with the Sukhi Dheerowalia Gang for quite a long period.  A case under section 32/324 was registered against him in PS Dasuya and later on under section 452, IPC was registered against him, in which he remained in jail and was released on bail.

Detail of cases registered against accused Bhupinder Singh

  1. Case FIR No. 81 dated 12-07-2011 u/s 323/324/148/149 IPC, PS Dasuya
  2. Case FIR No. 43 dated 24-03-2016 u/s 452/323/342/427 IPC, PS Dasuya
  3. Case FIR No. 278 dated 02-10-2015 u/s 452/323/427/34 IPC, PS Dasuya

Bhullar said,during  the special drive launched by the Jalandhar (Rural) police against drug peddlers/smugglers  for the period 16-03-2017 to 12-08-2017,  768 cases under various sections of NDPS Act have been registered and a total of 819 accused (731/Male & 88/Female) have been arrested for whose possession a total recovery of 27 KG 924 GM Opium, 1316 KG 60 Gm Poppy Husk, 03 KG 447 GM Heroin, 43 KG  98  GM 500 MG Intoxicant Power, 08 Kg 147 Gm Ganja, 1898 Intoxicant Injections, 74308 Intoxicant Tablets, 52172 Intoxicant Capsules, 70 Gm Charas, 02 Gm Smack and 09 Syringes have been effected.  Moreover, during the said period 231 proclaimed offenders of various police stations of district Jalandhar (Rural) have been arrested.

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