Journo Jagtar Bhullar’s book “Press Room” launched at Chandigarh Press Club

Journo Jagtar Bhullar's book “Press Room

Chandigarh, March 24, 2019: The Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha Rana KP who was the chief guest on the occasion said  there is a 50 – 50 equation if talked about the trend of yellow journalism. He said the media has always been playing the role of a bridge but it is also a fact that media works under a great pressure.

He further said there are political , at times organisational and then other pressures under which the reporters have to work. But , it is important to report fearlessly so that the society at large should be benefitted. He said media has to keep up the spirit.

Rana further said the right to expression is the most important thing. If a person is not able to express the facts and ideas without any fear then the development of humanity would be at stack. Moreover , he said the Punjabis should not shy away from speaking in their mother language , although it is important to respect all the languages and learn English as it useful at international platform but the priority should be given to the mother language, he added.

He said the dialogue and discourse on different issues should go on as it has been a continuous process since ages.

Varinder Walia , the Editor of Punjabi Jagran , speaking on the occasion said the Punjabi newspapers have been lacking the concept of ‘good news’ in the newspapers. He said it is not that journalism has totally got infected with the corporate and business culture. But , there are number of journalists and reporters who are working with all their efficiency and guts to put the facts and events in order in form news of public interest.

He said the reporters and journalist must refrain from putting incorrect facts and figures in their writing and for that matter it is compulsory to cross check the matter before publishing. He congratulated the writer of the book and hoped that the book would hit the market in punjabi writings.

Trilochan Singh, the senior journalist of Punjabi Tribune reading excerpts from the book said  the book “Press Room” is must a read. He said the writer has quoted small little instances of the press room located at the Punjab Secretariat. The critical views regarding the working and positioning of various journalists , political parties and sometimes the organisational heads is also widely narrated in the book.

Singh said that the writer has raised number of serious issues regarding journalism , Punjabi journalism. The writer has also applauded the role of women journalists who have been working efficiently in various areas. He said the writer also did not forget to mention about the different kind of affiliations between journalists and the political parties. But , at the same time , the writer is also concerned and worried about the personal problems and difficulties of the journalists  those have never been addressed. He also talks about the heads of Punjabi TV channels or Newspapers speaking in Hindi language which does not seem justifying the concept of the specific TV Channel or Newspaper , he said.

Jagtar Singh Bhullar , the writer of the “Press Room ” thanked all the dignitaries and guests present on the occasion and said  he has tried to put all the information together in the manner to highlight the events and things which get unnoticeable most of the time. He said he came up with the idea to collect and write the scenes and tit bits of the press room but when he started writing he himself was unaware that he would be able to pick various subjects from the discussions of “Press Room” to the agitations on “Matka Chownk”. It was his earnest effort to talk about his own journalist fraternity and the impact of political circles, he said. During this function many dignitaries were present, among oh them Vineet Joshi, former media advisor Punjab Government, Congress Party spokesperson GS Bali, Aneesh Sidana, Ripmle Midda and BJP leader Harjeet Singh Bhullar, Additional Director Public relations Dr OP Lambs, Deputy director Dr Ajit Kanwal, IPRO Navdeep Gill, Former Director Dairy Department Govt of Punjab Dr Anil Kaura, Ex secretary Haryana Vidhan Sabha Ram Narayana Yadav, Pumpkart CEO KS Bhatia and many more.