National Seminar held at University Institute of Legal Studies

By SK.Vyas :
 Chandigarh, March 31, 2019 :      A one-day seminar on Law, Technology and Development in the 21
st Century: Transforming Challenges Into opportunities, sponsored by
Indian Council for Social Sciences Research North West Regional Centre
(ICSSR-NWRC) was held at University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab
University, Chandigarh, on 30 th March 2019. The seminar, held under
the mentorship of Professor Rattan Singh, Director, University
Institute of Legal Studies and Dr. Sabina Salim, Faculty Co-ordinator,
discussed the fundamental issue of the 21 st century i.e. relationship
between technology and law. In the keynote address Professor Sanjay
Sindhu, Director University Institute Legal Studies, Himachal Pradesh
University, Shimla highlighted the complexities between technological
advancements and development of law. With a special emphasis on the
Indian position, the necessity of law to keep abreast with
technological advancements as well as the need to evaluate the manner
in which technology affects the field of law was analyzed in greater
detail. Further, he referred to the intricacies of technologies and
its effects on the society while playing in the cyber world and laws
related to technology. He also pointed out the way in which the
development and society have to maintain balance with each other.
Discussing multiple dimensions in the technological shift, he
emphasized on the need for field of law to keep pace with the changing
times in order to cater to the society at large.
Refering to the 21st century as a century of dynamic changes,
professor Sindhu reiterated that law required to be dynamic to cater
to the present challenges. Citing examples from the law, the thought
provoking address focused on many socio-political and cultural
challenges which the society would face with the advancement of
technology Distinguished members from the field law were a part of the
seminar. The chief guest on the occasion was Mr. Partap Singh, Sr.
Advocate and Member Bar Council of India. The guest of honour included
Mr. Harpreet Singh Brar, Chairman, Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana
High Court and Mr. Suvir Sidhu, Honrary Secretary, Bar Council of
Punjab and Haryana High Court.
Mr. Partap Singh praising the research work carried in the region,
highlighted the importance of such seminars as they create a bridge
between the world of praxis and theory, and help in formulation of
syllabus which address the needs of the society. Further, the rapid
development in technology and the need for of law to cater to such
challenges were discussed by the dignitaries.
In addition, Professor Rattan Singh highlighted the importance of
contemporary topics as a subject of discussion for the seminars. His
address focused on the challenges faced by law with technological
advancements highlighting advantages and challenges. With more than
one hundred paper presentation from all over the country, the
participants comprehensively discussed social, political and cultural
issues around the complex subject which was further divided into four
sub-themes which included Economy, Technology and Development,
Society, Cultures and Technology, Environment, Technology and
Development and Technological Challenges and opportunities: The Future
of Law.