Entertainment Exclusive

New Dress for the Madam


By AS.Narang:

Women’s fascination for self-adornment has been known from time immemorial.  Apparel is one of the essential items of self-embellishment.  In this regard, Shakespeare has observed that attire proclaims a person.  Small wonder every spouse has a predilection for a dress in which she looks charming.  My spouse is no exception to this.

One of the favourite pastimes of my better-half is to get a new dress stitched, every now and then.  Though, it makes a big hole in my small pocket, yet I do not mind it, for the Madam ensures that she gets ‘value for money’ out of my every hard earned penny, which she spends on the new dress.

Getting a new dress stitched, is not a simple matter for her.  Because of her fastidious taste, it entails many visits to the market to buy the cloth and then a series of meetings with her chosen dress designer.  My duty, in this process, is to accompany her to the market and to endorse her choice of cloth.  To please her, I readily give my nod of approval to what she chooses.  Truly speaking, I have no expertise in this matter.  Lest I may appear indifferent, occasionally, I express my disapproval of her choice.  This has the desired effect, for the Madam feels that I am taking full interest in choosing her dress.

Having selected the cloth, the next step is to choose the designer for the same.  The mobile phonebook of Madam is replete with the names of many designers- Silky, Pinky, Sonia, Mrs Chawla, to name only a few.  However, the Madam has her own parameters to select the designer.  If Sonia is a good designer; Silky has good colour sense; while Pinky is trendy; Mrs Chawla gives a revealing look.  However, another designer, Mrs Sharma, gives a good fitting, Madam believes.

One day, the Madam after buying the cloth, selected the designer and delivered the cloth to her.  More than a month passed, but the designer did not deliver the stitched dress.  One day, the Madam called the designer to enquire about the fate of her dress.  The designer, to avoid the Madam, started talking to another customer.  The Madam, also kept the call on, to get back to her,  and started talking to me.

“You know, this designer”, She asked me.

“Yes, I do”, I replied.

“But I tell you she is good for nothing.  She never delivers the dress in time”, the Madam continued.

“She stitches good dresses for herself, but spoils mine”, said Madam

“Oh yes”, I replied.

“You know, she is a nasty creature as she has married twice”, Madam continued with her calumnies.

“She is a husband changer and has left her first husband and married again, Madam continued with her bashing with me giving my usual nod, unmindful that her designer was overhearing our conversation.

Next day, Madam’s friend, who had visited the same designer and was familiar with her and Madam, reproduced the conversation which the Madam had with me, before her.

Embarrassed Madam has not visited the designer to collect the stitched dress, though more than six months have passed.