Now door-to-door collection MSW disposal of waste in Haryana,proposal

Now door-to-door collection MSW disposal of waste in Haryana,proposal

Chandigarh, July 8 – To ensure the development of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Project for a hundred percent door-to-door collection, transportation, processing and disposal of waste in Haryana on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode, a meeting was held in Chandigarh today. The meeting comprehensively discussed the viability of the project and for effective implementation in Haryana.

  As per the weather forecast, there is a possibility of strong winds along with moderate to maximum rainfall in northern parts of Haryana from tonight to June 10. Besides this a low to moderate rainfall is expected in western and southern parts of the State. The temperature in the State is expected to remain normal during this period

         Giving more information, an official spokesman said that as per the advice of meteorologists, the farmers should continue transplanting paddy while looking at the possibility of next two-three rain showers. Apart from this, they should also arrange the best varieties seeds of kharif crops like millet, guar etc, which can be further sown after a proper moisture during clear weather.

         He said that farmers are suggested to maintain proper moisture in cotton by weeding and hoeing. Apart from this, they should start planting best varieties of fruitful plants after arranging it from certified nurseries.

         He said that the farmers are also advised to be alert of locust swarm attack and keep a constant vigil in their fields as well. If a locust is visible anywhere in the field, they should immediately inform the concerned Agricultural Officer and scientists of the Entomology Department of the nearest Agricultural Sciences Center / University.    He also advised the farmers to use face masks or cloths to cover their face and to maintain social distancing while working in the mandi, village or fields to prevent the spread of COVID-19. He also advised the farmers to clean their hands with soap or sanitizer in short intervals of time.

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