NSS Panjab University : Intervention in Times of Lockdown

NSS Panjab University : Intervention in Times of Lockdown Chandigarh April 1, 2020 ( SK.Vyas) :      Department of NSS Panjab University, Chandigarh under the mentorship of Dr. Navdeep Sharma, Programme Coordinator, NSS,  is actively participating in creating awareness regarding the pandemic Coronavirus and helping the people across the city.

Signifying the importance of the motto of NSS i.e. ‘Not me, But you’, the department of NSS is playing an active role in sensitising people about Coronavirus. The Programme Officers are performing an important role during this pandemic. Dr. Gaurav Gaur, Assistant Professor, Centre for Social
Work, Panjab University; Dr. Nirmal Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Evening Studies, and Dr. Navneet Kaur, Department of Geography has created network which is providing essential services
including ration, milk, fruits and vegetables to needy people including construction workers, elderly and those staying alone across Panjab University, Chandigarh.

They are also helping the Chandigarh administration by accompanying the buses used for the supply of fruits and vegetables and taking mobile ATM vans at the doorsteps of the residents.Dr. Gaurav Gaur, Assistant Professor, Centre for Social Work, Panjab University and his team came with a thoughtful intervention to provide milk and ration items to the children of construction workers at Panjab University.Apart from the Programme Officers, the student volunteers are proactively involved in awareness dissemination and distribution of essential services to the needy. One of the NSS Volunteer Ritika Verma, from the Department of Anthropology has made a YouTube video in which she appealed to the citizens to stay at home. She took an initiative to collaborate with Health Centre Staff in Mohali for her ‘Covid Mukhat Abhiyan’ at this crucial stage in her village. She has been telling people about
Covid-19 symptoms such as cold, cough and fever converting into joint pain and uneasy to sustain and breathing problem. Also, she suggested preventive measures such as washing hands for at least 20 seconds, covering mouth with arms while coughing and sneezing and social distancing. Various other NSS volunteers have also made videos for sensitising people about Covid-19 in different languages.

Another NSS Volunteer   Megha Mittal from Centre for Social Work has also come forward and is doing a lot of work like sanitising the buildings and doors and explaining the importance of social distancing
at Barwala, Haryana.

Some of the NSS volunteers who are working selflessly for helping the people alongwith NSS Programme Officers Dr. Gaurav Gaur, Assistant Professor, Centre for Social Work; Dr. Nirmal Singh; and Dr. Navneet Kaur are :  Garima Sharma, Research Scholar, Community Education and Disability Studies; Nitiya Gulati, Senior Research Fellow, Women Studies; Shubham,  Narendra and  Sukhdev from Centrefor Social Work ; Binesh Bhatia, Ritika Verma and Sandeep .

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