On EC instructions, Nodal Officer to monitor noise pollution during elections

Lok Sabha Polls-2019 -March-2019

On EC instructions, Nodal Officer to monitor noise pollution during elections

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Chandigarh, April 01, 2019:    today appoints Kuldeep Kumar environment engineer of Punjab Pollution Control Board to monitor the issues related to compliance of norms of Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000 during the ensuing period of Model Code of Conduct.

Giving details in this regard, the Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab Dr S. Karuna Raju said that Election Commission of India (ECI) has issued detailed instructions regarding use of loudspeakers or any sound amplifier for publicity by candidates during Lok Sabha Elections 2019. There should be no use of loudspeakers, public address system or loudspeaker or any sound amplifier between 10 pm and 6 am.

The CEO said that use of such sound system whether fitted on vehicles of any kind whatsoever, or in static position was prohibited for a public meeting, general propaganda during above mentioned hours.

He further said that Loudspeakers being used beyond the given hours would be confiscated along with all apparatus connected. The political parties candidates/any other persons using loudspeakers on moving vehicles, including but not restricted to trucks, tempos, taxis, vans, three wheeler scooters, cycle rickshaws, etc. shall intimate registration identification number of that vehicle to the authorities granting permission to use loudspeakers and such registration identification numbers of the vehicles shall be indicated on the permits granted by the authorities concerned.

Any vehicle on which a loudspeaker is used without the said written permit shall be confiscated along with the loudspeaker and all the apparatus used.

Dr. Raju further said that all political parties, candidates and even other person using a loudspeaker either on a moving vehicle or at a fixed place shall intimate the Returning Officer of the Constituency and local Police authorities, in writing. He said that information regarding use of loudspeaker either on a moving vehicle or at a fixed place shall be provided to the concerned Returning Officers besides giving details about the vehicle’s registration number and permissions in this regard to Civil and Police Administration. It will be the responsibility of the State Government authorities granting permits for use of loudspeakers and the local Police authorities to strictly enforce that there should be no violation of the Noise Pollution Act.

CEO has further directed that it should be ensured by the concerned authorities of state pollution control board that decibels of the sound generated by loudspeakers/amplifiers do not exceed the permissible limits in Industrial area 75 decibel during day time and 70 decibels during night time, in commercial area 65 decibel in a day time and 55 decibel during night time, In residential area 55 decibel in a day time and 45 decibels during night time and in silence zone 50 decibels in a day time and 40 decibels during night time as fixed under relevant law/guidelines prevailed in state.

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