OOAT Center Brings Change in the lives of Drug Addicts

Once a drug addict, Now a Hard Working Entrepreneur

By SK.Vyas:

Balachaur (SBS Nagar), January 28, 2019: OOAT centres are getting successful in bringing about a change in the lives of drug addicts in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar district. A number of addicts who were involved in the bad habit of drugs, now have got rid of it and have been doing their daily works to earn butter and bread for their families in Balachaur subdivision.

          OOAT clinic, functional in Lieut. General Bikram Singh subdivision hospital at Balachaur has registered as many as 350 addicts so far to make their lives free from drugs.

          The medical officers, Dr. Sandeep Gill and Dr. Charandeep Mauji, working here said that its not impossible to say goodbye to the drug addiction. Once an addict decides to shun it, then he can be easily treated. Talking about their treatment protocol, the doctors said, that first of all they enquire about the history of the addict and then start giving him treatment on a daily basis. “Now, hundreds of ‘once addicts’, are doing hard work as entrepreneurs, they said.

          The OOAT clinic has also been attached with 10 bedded De-addiction centre running here. Psychiatrist deputed here for twice a week, Dr. Rajinder Magho adds that addiction is not a disease, ‘ it’s like a fantasy to attain virtual leisure by use of drugs’. When a patient reports here, he is given proper counselling to shun the dark side of life. “The addicts need words of sympathy instead of hatred words,” he adds.

          A 38 years old tempo driver who has undergone indoor treatment here too is now feeling happy and elated. Narrating his tale, he said that during the profession of driving, he started taking drugs and became a slave to these after some time. After spending his golden years in drugs, now he did not like to go back to that dark era. He said that he has a 12 years old son and he wanted to work more and more to get him educated. He visits OOAT clinic daily to get his daily dose of medicine. Terming the OOAT centre as a game changer, he said that these days, he is also referring the other addicts to OOAT centre for getting treatment.

          Another youth in his early twenties said that there was a time, he did not bother about his family for the sake of consumption of drugs. Even family had chained him for continuously eight days to get him free from drugs. His sister who had heard about the OOAT centre from her friend, brought him here the first time and now he visits the clinic on its own. Counsellor Kamaljit said that this youth has strong will power and has said goodbye to the drugs within two weeks of treatment. The youth is aspiring to get a job in gulf country and is trying to get visa these days to make his life better.

          A 21 years old youth said that it was very tough to shun the drug during the first four days of treatment. Now, he is feeling comfortable and doing his work of aluminium fabrication.

          SMO Ravinder Thakur said that the youth from rural belt have been responding in good numbers to the OOAT clinic. The identities of the youth have been kept hidden to save them from social stigma.