Padma Shri, Prof. E.D. jemmies from Department of Chemistry, IISC Bangalore, delivers a lecture at Department of Chemistry

By SK.Vyas

Amritsar, 14 Feb 2019 :Padma Shri, Prof. E.D. jemmis from Department of Chemistry, IISC Bangalore,delivered a lecture on ” Hucke1 4n+2, Wade’s n+1 and mno rules in borophenes, beta- and tau-boron” on 11.02.2019 in the department of Chemistry. He is a very renowned professor working in the field of theoretical Chemistry. A Princeton University graduate,he is a fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences,a Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize  winner,fellow of Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, J. C. Bose National fellow and a recipient of the “Prof.T. Navaneeth Rao National Best Teacher Award . He has guided 20 Ph.D students and has more than 200 research articles in the journals of international repute. In his lecture Prof. Jemmis revealed the newly discovered allotropies of Boron and borophenes. He drew analogies between benzene and graphenes and borophenes. The latter had promising role in new age,high temprature semiconductors.