Placement Drive in campus

Placement Drive in campus

Placement Drive in the campus is the most versatile in today’s scenario as it is the most important for the students and the most awaited event of a student where one is seeking to join in the practical world of the corporate sector and many more work fields that are moving ahead to seek the student potential for their work zone.

Placement drives are conducted in various educational institutes for job opportunities for all the students perusing the academic course and offering student a magnificent chance to get placed during his/her course eventually making their future secure. Although knowing the importance of the placement drive students must also keep in mind the vital key points of it so one can prepare oneself for their best performance in the drive.

DRESS CODE: one must know the proper attire for the placement drive that is held in the college. Dress etiquette are equally important and it reflects the personality as well as show your interest of the participation in the particular placement drive.

Dress code for girls:

  • Girls must wear white or pastel color shirt and a black blazer if necessary as in winters and a set of black trouser or skirt with proper pair of pastel color bellies.
  • There should not be too many heavy jewels or a bright makeup that is not so appropriate one must be aware of the nude makeup at that time and must take proper precautions of all the makeup that is worn at that time.
  • Hair must be simply and properly combed so it won’t appear to be in messy a high pony is mostly recommended but if other style chosen one must deal neatly with it.

Dress code for boys:

  • Boys must also choose for the formals rather than casual outfit, boys must choose for the white shirt and for the black trouser with proper polished black or tan shoes that is accordingly to the outfit color they chose to wear.
  • Hair must be properly set their must not be too much gel applied to it as for the funky hairstyles.

Types of campus placement:

  1. On campus placement drive: in on campus placement drive companies arrive to the colleges and select the students of the various academic course priorities and selection is held on the basis of the student’s ability to work hard and on their focus on his/her career.
  2. Off-campus placement: in off campus placement companies set a particular institute or a public venue where students of different colleges are assembled and participate for the various stages that are going to take place.

There are several process of the placement drives that are held and the objective of the placement process is to classify the students capable for the recruitment of the particular company. Entirely every company follows a common process of the placement they are as follow:

  1. Pre- placement Talk: In pre- placement talk, the company introduce themselves to the set of the students and showcase their presentation and introduce about themselves and letting students know about their specifications motives, achievements their visions and missions and let them know about the selection criteria. It even helps the student to understand the growth within the company and the other benefits of joining the organization.

Etiquettes while attending the pre- placement talk:

Whereas the dress etiquette is not too much noticeable here but one must take care of the basic attentiveness at this session so one could understand the main objective of the company and all the major things about the organization that are explained. The basic etiquettes at his time one must follow is:

  • One Should not make any unworthy sounds at time period or any unnecessary noises ti disturb
  • One must not interrupt to ask their doubt or question in between which may lead to occurrence of the disturbance
  • One must listen the session attentively so one can just be sure whether the company is suitable for their profile or not

Some of th3e keypoints to notice and understand as this also reflect the student personality, even let know about the college that is being represented.

  1. Educational qualification: education qualification plays a vital role in the profile of the student’s number of companies provide importance to the education qualification andthe grades range matter in it but most of the that matter in this process is to check the basic knowledge of the subject and their world field which they have applied for.

Etiquette for education qualification:

One must complete his /her certified Corse and must have a good range of grades as for the good impression to the interviewer as it leads to the judgement of the basic knowledge of the work field as while studying to the subject it does gives the personal experience in theory and practical field. one must study seriously and be serious with the terms that are to be mandatory for the subject to be known.

  1. Written Test: various written testis conducted thoroughly by them it is chosen to take the test of minimum of the academic year performance but the test contains aptitude test, reasoning, mathematics and English. Some companies even conduct some technical questions that are mandatory for testing the knowledge of the student in the particular field.

Etiquette for the written test:

Person should ask for the extra rough sheets for the calculations of the figures given to solve if the rough sheets aren’t provided one must not write any unnecessarything on the main sheet or make any rough calculation there but canuse the last sheet for all rough work. As this shows the tidiness and clarity of the written test so there are no difficulties to check the test if it is neat and clean.

  1. Group Discussion: group discussions are conducted for to check on the confidence level as well as for the sense how one represents his point of the specific topic that is provided. GD’s are the most important to crack has it is elimination round for the students and one must not take it lightly but for sure take vital steps and key point to prepare for this round.

Etiquette for the group discussion:

  • One must properly groomoneself for this process. One or the other may notice the dressing sense of yours and how you keep yourself groomed, it doesreflect your personality and while you are representing yourself.
  • One must take care of the vocabulary and the language that is chosen for keeping your point in front of them on the specific topic that you are given chance for you must think for a second and make brief points in your mind before you speak that help you out for this and may get your clarity in your voice you should speak confidently that is the main outlet of your that is going to help to crack the discussion entirely.
  • One should not speak beyond the topic that is asked for and mist understand the topic
  • Stammering for the voice is a sign of an avail nervousness and must not start biting of the nails at time and for most common the cell phones must be switched off at the entire drive, if in case you get a call and your cell phone was not on silent mode you must switch it off and say sorry for the disturbance rather than to attend the call in between the process.
  • After you are done with your saying you must say thank you at the end of your speech.
  1. Personal interview: personal interview r HR interview is considered as the final interview of the selection process. This interview is the most important for the selection of the candidate as it reflects the overall personality of themselves. Candidate must keep him/herself updated of the latest things that are taking place it includes the internships, work experience of the candidate and also check the stability and confidence level of the candidate.

Etiquette for the personal interview

In this final process of the interview one must take care of several things as this one of the most severe and critical round for the candidate.

  • One must surely take precautions of the personal hygiene neatly dressed up with proper formal dress code and groom well.
  • Showcase your confidence level greet them with smile and good morning or good noon as per the time.
  • Answer the appropriately that is asked to you
  • One must complete the task given by them and convince them by your work skills that you are capable for the stream
  • One must not be on the argumentative state at any cost as it just simply shows you arrogance and unfortunately a sign to disqualify one must be calm and humble within the entire conversation if something said wrong say sorry and thank you for the compliment given as these are the basic magical words that pleases others and show cast your basic learning and your background.
  • One must say thank you at the end of the interview and must leave after they say not in between of the process.

This above content describes about the placement drive in campus and how one should deal to crack for the placement in so many versatile companies that come for the placement drives in the campus

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