Punjab Pradesh Congress President Sunil Jakhar lashedout at  U P govt over indecent behaviour with  Priyanka Gandhi

Punjab Pradesh Congress President Sunil Jakhar lashedout at  U P govt over indecent behaviour with  Priyanka Gandhi

By SK.Vyas :

Jalandhar, December 29,2019 Lambasting the Uttar Paresh govt for indecent behaviour with Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi, Punjab Pradesh Congress President  Sunil Jakhar said that it reflects the low-ebb thinking of BJP led government for women, in the country which worship women like a goddess.
Jakhar said the incident reflects hatred approach and dirty politics of the saffron party that sounds bugle of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao loudly. It was a shame that all this happened under the rule of the same BJP. “Modi Government was afraid of Priyanka Gandhi as she leads the nation-wide campaign against the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) passed by the NDA government to harm the spirit of our Constitution.
PPCC chief said that Punjab Congress would hold a protest march against the CAA in Ludhiana on December 30. He said that this march will be attended by Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh, Punjab Incharge Asha Kumari, Punjab Cabinet Ministers and PPCC leaders of the state. He invited the Punjabis to join this march and said that the entire country is united to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act.
On this occasion, the President of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee has also questioned the leaders of the state unit of the BJP to tell how many jobs have been provided to the youth of Punjab by the central government or what other projects and schemes they have been brought to Punjab from Union Government.
In a statement issued here today, Sunil Jakhar said that the Congress government, led by Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh is fulfilling the promises made to the people in accordance with its election manifesto. On the other hand, the Modi government of the Center is hiding its failures by raising emotional issues rather than solving people’s day to day issues, like employment, inflation, farming, etc. He was answering the questions raised by the Punjab BJP on the working of state government.
Jakhar said that the BJP’s central government had promised two crore jobs every year. He challenged the leaders of the state BJP unit to make public the employment figures given by the central government to the youth of Punjab. He asked the BJP leaders to keep the facts in front of the people about what other central government schemes they have brought for Punjab.
The state Congress president said that the local BJP leaders were busy creating hindrances in the release of the GST share of state from GoI, and by this act, they are playing a negative role for the development of state only for their vested political interests. He said that the hidden aim of the central government is to weaken the non-BJP state governments by making delay in GST share payment to states. He said that by stopping the GST share of states, the Modi government was weakening the federal structure of the country.
On the occasion, Jakhar further said that the last SAD-BJP government was actually responsible for all the economic problems of Punjab. He said that just a day before the counting of votes, the SAD-BJP government accepted the debt of Rs 31,000 crore, just to create trouble for upcoming government. In spite of its erroneous economic policies, the previous SAD-BJP government had made huge debt on the state. “Through Capt. Amarinder Singh’s government, has managed the financial problems of state very well and it launched a debt waiver scheme for farmers without stopping any social welfare scheme and managed sufficient funds for the development projects of the state,” he added. 

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