PUTA protests against arbitrary appointments of Hostel Wardens

PUTA protests against arbitrary appointments of Hostel Wardens

By SK.Vyas:

Chandigarh, June 14, 2019:  The Punjab University Teachers Association – PUTA, Chandigarh in a communication to the Vice Chancellor Punjab University registered its protest over the arbitrary appointment of Hostel Wardens without following principles of seniority.

Rajesh Gill, President and  J K Goswamy, Secretary PUTA stated that it is pained to learn that in the recent appointments of hostel wardens, persons have been picked up in a completely arbitrary manner, without any justifiable reasons and in utter violation of the principle of seniority, which has caused huge heartburn and disillusionment among the teachers

.They said while PUTA is conscious of the fact that as per the relevant Regulation in PU Calendar, Vice Chancellor can appoint the Hostel Wardens using his discretion. However, it is most important that such discretion is used discreetly to avoid any kind of injustice and arbitrariness. It is for this very reason that PUTA had last year stressed upon the criterion of seniority for the appointment of wardens, so as to convey a message to the teaching community that authorities believe in a just, fair and transparent governance system

In its letter to the Vice Chancellor, the PUTA registers its strong protest against these appointments and reiterates that the healthy practices institutionalized in our system must be preserved at all costs, so that our University gains credibility as a premier institution, and does not become a laughing stock. It may be noted that one such stroke is sufficient to evaporate the hard-earned respect commanded by an institution.

PUTA has demanded to review these appointments and reappoint the hostel wardens strictly on the basis of seniority, to preserve a sense of confidence and trust among teaching community in the University administration.

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