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Railways introduce biometric token system for hassle-free travel

Railways introduce biometric token system for hassle-free travel

Railways introduce biometric-based token system to make hassle free travel in general class

By Our Correspondent:

Ferozepur, August 13, 2019: Railways has introduced a biometric-based token system to make travel in general class hassle free.  Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways and Commerce and Industry indicated on his twitter, to find how this innovative step is helping Raiwlays manage crown at stations while facilitating easy travel in general coaches.

Innovative ways deployed by Indian Railways for passengers travelling in general class are -there are several initiatives taken by Indian Railways for improving comfort and providing safety and security to all passengers, a recent one being the introduction of biometric-based token system for making travel in general class safe and hassle free. This is the first time such a system has been introduced in the Indian Railways.

For the smooth functioning of the system, Indian Railways has obtained biometric machines for stations which record information of passengers and provide tokens. This system was first introduced on the Pushpak Express between CSMT, Mumbai & Lucknow and now extended to several other trains.

How it works

● Token distribution starts 60 to 90 minutes before departure of trains and is on a first-come-first serve basis

● For getting a token, a fingerprint has to be provided at the vending counter

● Token distribution takes place through a counter on the platform and is managed by the Railway Protection Force, under CCTV surveillance

Benefits of the Biometric system

● No waiting lines for getting onto a train as a result of systematic process

● Smooth entry into coaches and lesser probability of falling down/accidents

● Lesser crimes and safer travel as a result of biometric information being provided at the initial stage

● Better crowd management and lesser congestion in the coach leading to safer and comfortable journey

In the future, the plan is to make travel even more safe and secure for every passenger in India

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