Residue will become main source of Income for Farmers

Fatehgarh Sahib, October 18, 2018 ( By Sk.Vyas) : When the majority of the farmers are a term that the burning of residue as the only alternative, but is proving as a boon for progressive farmer Harpreet Singh Gill of village Haripur in the district, an exporter of potatoes, muskmelon and watermelon. He had never burnt it rather with the help of rotavator and mulcher ploughing in his 110 Acre field, which resulted in 15 to 20 Quintal more yield of potatoes, water and muskmelon. He said that in future the residue will become the best source of income for farmers. He is one of the top exporters of international fame for developing new varieties of Potatoes, Watermelon and muskmelon and competes with the farmers of Holland and other countries. He has developed his own marketing network and sells his products on five times higher rates than the common product and can’t fulfil the demand. After paddy he sows potatoes and after that, he sows water and muskmelon. He also sows Mungi and prepares high breed certified seeds of Mungi and Achar for animals from Makki. He uses drip irrigation technique, mulching sheet and low tunnel in the field instead of costly greenhouses, poly house or net etc. He uses the latest technology and has his own latest agricultural equipment. His produce comes a month ago in the market than the traditional muskmelon and he sells at five times higher rates.  He has engaged sales promoters in big cities to boost the sale. His products are highly demanded in Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal, J & K and Delhi. He has his own Rice Mill, Cold storage and trading firm. He attributes his success to hard work, scientific and use of modern technology for farming and marketing.
He called upon the farming community not to burn the residue as it caucus pollution and burns the nutrients of the land.