By SK.Vyas :

Jalandhar, July 15, 2019:- With an aim to ensure the maintenance of law and order in the jurisdiction of this Commissionerate of Police Jalandhar, Deputy Commissioner of Police  Gurmit Singh has ordered that no restaurants clubs, bars, pubs, etc would be opened after 11 PM.

In the orders, he said that “it has come to notice that a number of restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs falling under the jurisdiction of Commissionerate Jalandhar remain open till late hours in the night, and furthermore the D.Js. Play even after 10:00 PM, resulting in disturbing the peace of the neighborhood apart from causing noise disorder caused.

Besides that, it has also been noticed that vehicles are moving about in the city with the music system blaring at a very high pitch and volume. As such, to ensure the maintenance of order in the area of jurisdiction of this Commissionerate, it is the need of the hour to issue required restraining orders regarding the timings of restaurant clubs, bars, pubs, etc. as well as the use of sound amplifiers and DJs.

He said that after 11:00 PM, no order for food, beverage, alcohol, etc would be taken in any restaurant, bar, pub, club, etc situated in the jurisdiction of Police Commissionerate Jalandhar.

Besides that, no new customer should be allowed to enter the premises of the restaurants, clubs, bars, pubs, etc. after 11:00 P.M.

He also said that all restaurants clubs, bars, pubs or any other such licensed eating or drinking place (except Ahatas) should completely shut down by 12:00 PM, midnight. In case of Ahatas attached to liquor vends, they shall be completely closed at 11:00 PM as per the condition of license.

All Sound producing sources like D.Js. live orchestra/singers etc. should be switched off or volume lowered at 10.00 PM. After 10:00 PM, no sound produce within any establishment or campus should be heard outside the boundary of such establishment, he said.

In the case of vehicles with the music system, it should be ensured that the sound produced by the music system should not be heard outside the vehicle at any time of the day.

This order shall remain in force till September 15, 2019.

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