School Function (Student dress/ etiquette)


School functions are the so important events of the school curriculum they just give the opportunities tostudents and the staff as well. School function is the necessity and an integral part of it. School events just develop the personality growth within the students but also it gives the chance to the child to know about his/her talent. There are so many events held as sports day, annual day, prize distribution day and with each occasion the dress code it suited.

Dress codes for the student is very important and everyone must know about the attire of the school except the uniform of the school when on functions students are allowed to wear the school dress the student must be pragmatic about what kind of dress one must wear it must be casual but must not lead to any offensive tact or statement on their shirts or t-shirt.

An outfit for the school must be formal or casual but should not implement any toxic norm to it as dress code is the ethic of the rules where one judges the person thoroughly from where they belong. Dress etiquette are such an important thing these days and fashion world for all the youngster is so trendy in today’s scenario that they would like to choose all by their own.

Choosing the attire for the school functions or any other events of it one must understand what kind of situation and event it is and people always thoroughly by our attire. It is important to take care about the ethics and norms of the dress code and one must not wear something that makes anyone else not them in an awkward situation.

Dress attire for the various school functions:

  • Girls: girls are always keen and merry maker for their dress codes and attires. But while on the school girls must wear a proper dress with shirt or shoes and pretty good pair of the denims or trousers whichever they are comfortable with, if chose to wear skirt it must be sure that it must not fall on mid Tighes. Their shirt must not be see through and musty wore roper garments inside so there is no situation of being uncomfortable one must know etiquette and dress themselves properly.
  • Whereas boys must also know how to get themselves dress up in a particular manner they must choose their t-shirt wisely which must not have any offensive words to it which may be hazardous. A nice pair of shoes and trousers are suggested and if the how they can nurture more with the outfits that they catch for themselves easy and in comfort zone.
  • One must be properly groomed and should make their look innocent as a student they are girlsmust not apply on too much of the makeup and must be very particular about their jewelsit’s said to be completely avoid the heavy jewels like bracelets and necklace or heavy earrings a small pearl is enough for the time.

As truly said there are so many events of the school and every event must have its own specialty that must have a dress code according to it. such as an event of,

ANNUAL DAYwhere children participate for so many cultural programs prepare the folk that is just the attire is all of the according designed to the artefact that they are performing and every child is prepared to worn the dress code it must have.

But at the same time on the events such as,

SPORTS DAY and prize distribution day the events are such an integrity that it all have the occasions and one can understand the dress they should wear.

While on sports day one must be on the proper track suit or with the and pair of sports shoes so at that time it is easier to tackle the sweaty palms and comfort zone. Every sports game also describes its own dress code that as football as jersey and shorts to wear with handsome sneakers with it.

 PRIZE DISTRIBUTION DAY the person must wear on the school uniform or the formal dressup and well-groomed as at that moment one must to represent the school and themselves of what they have achieved.

School functions enhance the skills of the students and maintain their personality though school functions play a very important role in all of the student life as well it benefits for the school it highlights what a school facility are and what activities they provide to student for their growth is just so memorable events for the students who all are involving in these extra co curriculum activities.

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