The powerful impact of “C” in 2019-20  

The powerful impact of “C” in 2019-20   

The powerful impact of “C” in 2019-20    Anupreet Singh:

Dr. Harjinder Singh (Dr. Harry), poet and public figure of India, member of the World Nations Writers’ Union in Kazakhstan.

He is presently a Peace Ambassador of “Foundation for Integrity in Governance in Africa” and working with WIP- “WORLD INSTITUTE OF PEACE”. as ARBITRATOR AT LARGE and many International Organisations working on human rights and world peace and Advisor at SPMUDA INDIA TEAM. He is a good poet/author /life coach as he is a social thinker. He acts as Think Tank for Institutions. He Achieved a training course from the Department of Safety and Security UNITED NATIONS.

Dr. Harjinder Singh is known as Dr. Harry on social media platforms, he is doing as a Psychologist/Social Scientist for more than two decades. He is also working with many international Organisations on World Peace and Human Rights. Presently he is a Paralegal with District Legal Services Authority Mohali.

Quite vividly he has elaborated on the scenario we had been going through during these last months worldwide amid COVID-19 and expressed his state of mind, which indeed took a deep analysis. The significance of ‘C’, which to date is in continuity during coronavirus pandemic.

Did you notice that the alphabet “C” has shot to prominence in this Covid-19 era?
No one expected that the alphabet “C” would play a Completely overwhelming role compared with any of the other alphabets!
Cough (C)
Cold (C)
Case (C)
Curfew (C)
Covid-19 (C)
Coronavirus (C)
Confirmed (C)
Confinement (C)
Contamination (C)
Containment (C)
The two most serious “C”s are…
Cemetery (C)
Cremation (C)
The possible remedial drug is… Chloroquine (C)
The problem is, it started from China (C)...
But at the same time,
“C” is now
Cleanliness…’ is the remedy’
Courage… ‘is the need of the hour’
Compliance…’ to the expert advice’
Contention…’ to overcome the crisis’
Clarity of thought…
Caring for the needy…
Cooperation with fellow beings…
and finally…
“Clearance”…is awaited shortly
Cure…is definitely going to come.

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