Vajra Corps ‘Cyber Safety Weekend’ culminates with  Cyber Security Pledge

Vajra Corps ‘Cyber Safety Weekend’ culminates with  Cyber Security Pledge

By SK.Vyas:

Jalandhar December 7, 2019: Vajra Corps conducted a Cyber Safety Camp for all ranks and their families in Jalandhar Military Station on 06 and 07 Dec 2019 as part of Cyber Safety Weekend being organized pan-Indian Army. Various landmark activities were undertaken by  Vajra Corps to improve both the awareness and the skill sets for Cyber Security implementation as part of the initiative. In his message for all ranks and families of  Vajra Corps, Lt Gen Sanjeev Sharma, GOC Vajra Corps emphasised the need to ensure Cyber Security in official communications. He also conveyed the importance of Cyber Security for all families and children for personal communication devices as a means to mitigate the growing Cyber threats.

In addition to conduct of ‘Best Practices’ training for serving personnel, the ‘Cyber Hygiene Camp’ run for families including school children was a seminal success. It not only led to enhanced awareness amongst families and children but also enabled sanitisation and hardening of personal communication devices like mobiles and laptops used at home. Safe Cyber practices for children was another focus area which was applauded by all for its relevance and content.

The ‘Vajra Corps Cyber Safety Weekend’ culminated with a Cyber Security Pledge by all ranks and families.

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