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 By Anmol Rattan Narang :
A good number of us sometimes come under spells of ‘evil influences’. Today, I shall tell you as to how to ward off the same. Since I am going to give you something which is worth 10 nuggets of gold, you will have to have patience. I may tell you that I have stumbled upon this method by chance and not by any penance.
I had the privilege of working with an intemperate boss. Though his headquarters was Jaipur and mine Jodhpur, yet the ferocity of his voice was such as made the distance irrelevant.
One afternoon at 4:30 pm, I received a telephone call from the cruel boss. On seeing his number on my mobile, my pant went wet. But there was no way out. The telephone had to be picked. For 30 minutes, he gave me so much verbal thrashing that I shall remember throughout my life. When the call ended, I became so upset that I did not feel like working. I asked the driver to let us be back home. The driver was driving the car but I was thinking the same thing which Raju Rastogi thinks in the film ‘Three Idiots’. “O God, throw this rascal in the hell, cut his body into pieces and make pakoras of his flesh and place them before dogs.”
On reaching home, I opened the lock (I was living all alone)and saw that the utensil in which I had kept milk, was lying tilted on the floor with no milk around. I could understand that some cat had drunk the same. Though I did not mind yet I wondered as to how the cat could enter my room, as there is no inlet or outlet for the same.
With the thrashing of the boss, I was feeling headache and body-ache as well. I felt like taking tea but there was no milk. The driver had not yet left. I gave a hundred rupee note to the driver and asked for 2 packets of milk. Suddenly, I saw 4 small kittens, who appeared to have come to this world just a few hours ago. I could understand as to why the cat drank milk. She was to breastfeed the four kids, so she needed to be fed. I was happy that the cat had drunk the milk. Immediately, I instructed the driver to bring, not two but three packets of milk- one for the little ones.
I served the cat and the kittens, milk. In no time, I felt a sigh of relief and my depression and body-ache were gone.
Just out of compassion, I served milk to the cat and her off-springs in the next 4-5 days. We became so friendly that the kitten used to hover around me, wag their tails and sometimes show their tongues to me to convey that they want some more milk. My boredom was gone. I had a family now, who used to love me and lick me.
In just 7 (seven) days, BELIEVE ME, just 7days, the boss was transferred to some far-flung area. This, I believe, was due to good wishes ofWARDING OFF EVIL INFLUENCES  my little ones, that I was relieved of the monster.

The Author

Anmol Rattan Narang is Retd. Principal,
Staff Training College of a Nationalized Bank,
Resi: 80A, Cool Road, Jyoti Nagar,
Gate No.9,Jalandhar-144003
Mobile no. 9417871255
E mail: rattan_narang@hotmail.com